PS4 Error WS-38220-5 Fixed – Get Solution

Have you faced this PS4 Error WS-38220-5 before? Unfortunately, your PSN account is signed out frequently without your permission then there are many reasons to happen this. PS4 Error WS-38220-5 is the error code when your PS4 console is unstable and your system condition is critical and the files are fails to loading with your system.

PS4 Error WS-38220-5 Fixed


This is the error of an IP address because of something that has to do with your IP address. You need to change your IP address manually.

Some people are not able to change their IP address manually because the don’t know what is IP address and how can it works. You can find here the best Superfast DNS server for PS4. Sometimes you need to restart your PS4 console to resolve the error WS-38220-5.

We’re working here to solve all the error codes of PS4. Because of PlayStation company never write a solution for PS4. They don’t support to fix any error code of PS4. We researched every day to find a new and best solution for all the error codes. Today we’re writing here to how to solve PS4 Error Code WS-38220-5? You need to read this full post and apply all the steps by step to fix this error code.

Reason to Appears WS-38220-5


The error code WS-38220-5 appears on the screen when the system goes to the freezes with a lack of performance console. Here are some reasons to show this error code on your PS4 console. Check them and must know why the error code is shown on your screen.

  • IP Problem
  • Not restarted with a long time
  • Software installation error
  • Slow PS4 console performance
  • System freezes
  • System crashes
  • Hardware failure
  • Software not updated with the latest version

Solution for WS-38220-5

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Method 1: Try to change the IP address


The major solution for this error code is you must change your IP address from Automatically to Manual. On the IP address, choose the manual and put it in your IP address. This is usually four segments. An example is 234.671.821.098. An easy way to find your IP address is to get on your phone’s network settings and check your wifi. Fill in the exact details on your phone, except on the IP address, you should change the last segment to any random number.

For example, the IP address I find is 56.436.123. The IP address I would put in is 56.436.09. BTW Gateway would be the router’s IP address. After filling in the details, set all the other things to automatic, and try once to restart your PS4 console.

If this method 1 does not work on your PS4 console, try to fix it with method 2.

Method 2: Try to reboot or reset your router

Sometimes your router is full of cache and if you change the IP address it’s not affecting anywhere. So, try first to reboot (restart) the router and check once. If still, you’ve got the same problem, try to reset the router by pressing the reset key on the back of the router.

After resetting the router all the settings are going to the default and it should be fixed. But sometimes not fixed with this method. Because there are problems with the old DNS.

After trying this method still, you’ve faced the error WS-38220-5? Try method 3 below.

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Method 3: Try to change DNS manually

This is the final step to solve this error code. When you’ll assign the new DNS on the console it must be fixed. Follow these steps to assign the new DNS on your PS4 console:

  • Go to the PlayStation Setting > Network > Setup Internet Connectin > LAN Cable/ WiFi > Custom.

After doing this you can change the manual network setting. Follow all the instructions given on the PS4 screen otherwise you’ll lose the setting.

  • Accept the options as you wish till you get DNS settings. Like custom >IP Address (Automatic) > DHCP Hostname (Do not specify) > DNS settings
  • Now in the DNS settings use Manual option and put in in the primary DNS (Google’s Public DNS Server 1) in the secondary DNS (Google’s Public DNS Server 2)

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FAQs on PS4 Error WS-38220-5

1. What does mean PS4 Error WS-38220-5?

PS4 Error WS-38220-5 issues occur when your console is unstable and critical system files fail to respond or starts missing. 

If after applied this method you’ve faced the same problem, you need to contact PlayStation customer support.

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