PS4 Error WC-40377-1 Fixed [Easy Method]

Hello everyone! Today we’re writing on the topic of PS4 Error Code WC-40377-1. When you’re facing this problem, there can be many situations. We’ll do our best to solve this error code. This is not a big problem but there’s you’re paid for that coupon.

PS4 Error WC-40377-1 Fixed


These days this error code is facing many peoples because there are so many reasons to show this error code. If you’ve already faced this problem but still not solved, please follow our instructions to step by step.

How to Redeem the Code?

First of all, you must know how to redeem the voucher code and top up your PlayStation wallet. Follow the below instructions to redeem the voucher code for your PS4 console. If you’ll miss any of the steps your wallet can’t be top-up through the voucher code. So, be careful and follow all the steps:

  • Go to [PlayStation Store] > scroll to the bottom of the sidebar > [Redeem Codes].
  • Check and carefully enter the code and select [Redeem].
  • The credit or content is now applied to your account.

Sometimes the code is not applied to your wallet. Because there are so many reasons. We’re also talking about why the WC-40377-1 error code appears on the screen? After a long time collect all the reasons and write here why the PS4 WC-40377-1 comes.

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Reasons to Show WC-40377-1

If you are failed to add funds to your PS4 wallet using a voucher or PSN card, you need to know the main reasons why you are not able to top-up your wallet. The PS4 user must know that your wallet can hold a maximum of £120.00. If the value of the top-up voucher has caused your wallet balance to exceed the maximum amount, it will not be accepted.

If your PS4 wallet balance to not exceed the maximum amount check if there is any other reason to fail you top-up your PS4 wallet.

  • Double-check the voucher code which you buy and entered it correctly.
  • The voucher date is expired or not? If it expired claim for a new voucher or is not yet available.
  • The voucher code is must matched with your region as your PSN (PlayStation Network), If you bought the physical voucher card you can the region is printed on that card.
Wallet Top-Up Voucher Card
  • Many PS4 users are don’t know their region, if you do not know the region of your account, sign in to SEN Account Management online, select “Account” > “Account Details” and look at the country/region section at the bottom of the page.
  • You can use the voucher only once if you forgot that the voucher is already used or not? You can check the transaction history of your account. If you’re already used it appears on the transaction history.

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  • The fund is not transferable to another account, so it must redeem with the right account.
  • If your age is below 18 and you’re using your child PlayStation account it cannot be redeemed the top-up voucher code on your child account.

Still, have the same problem to redeem the voucher follow the below steps:

Still, having issues redeeming a voucher (WC-40377-1)?

If you have checked all the above reasons and didn’t found any reason with your situation follow the below steps to fix the error code WC-40377-1

  • Sometimes the PSN server is down and the wallet top-up voucher is not working at that time. Visit the PlayStation Network Status page. You need to wait until there for a green signal from the PSN Status.
  • There are two types of vouchers. If you are using a money voucher to top-up your wallet, please check that the funds do not exceed the maximum wallet balance of £120. And If you are attempting to redeem a content voucher, please check your library to see if you already own the title.
  • Many users are login to their account for a long time, their accounts need to be refresh. Logout your PSN account from everywhere you’re logged in and again login after 5 minutes of rest your account, and try again.
  • Make sure the code is a date is still valid because there are some voucher codes that are an expiry date on the voucher card.
  • Some vouchers are needed your credit or debit card details before they redeemed to your PS4 wallet.
  • Very important things are some vouchers code requires the activation when you purchase them. If you forget to activate them through the seller, go back to the seller and say them to activate the voucher code.

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FAQs on PS4 Error WC-40377-1

1. What does WV 33898 1 mean?

Failed to redeem voucher code top-up on your PSN account.

2. How do I redeem PSN codes?

Go to PlayStation Store, scroll to the bottom of the sidebar, Redeem Codes

3. How much money can you have in your PSN wallet?

Your account wallet can hold a maximum of $200.00 or £120.

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