PS4 Error WC-40376-0 Fixed Best Methods [Updated]

The PS4 uses its digital library to sell games. The PS4 Error WC-40376-0 is a very common error code on the PlayStation console. Let’s fix this error step by step. In the past you had to buy physical disks but now, you can play your favorite games digitally using redeem codes but there are cases where your redeem codes might not work properly.


Today we are going to be looking at one such error, the ++is very common across the PS4 family of consoles. Do not worry though, it is not a hardware fault and there are a few fixes around it. 

Reasons for PS4 Error WC-40376-0

There are multiple reasons for this error and the reasons might even be game-specific. We have compiled some of the reasons why this error might be happening on your console.

Reason 1: The Redeem Code Invalid

The Redeem Code Invalid
The Redeem Code Invalid

The redeem code is damaged. You can do nothing if your redeem code is damaged but you can contact the retailer and see if the code can be recovered. You can also contact PlayStation and see what’s the problem with your redeem code. Hit them up on social media and they might provide you a fix.

Reason 2: PlayStation Code is Lost

Your PlayStation code is lost. If you have lost the code and repeatedly entering garbage code then you can also get this error. Just contact the retailer from where you bought the code and the retailer might help you out.

Reason 2: Maybe the Code is Already Redeemed

The code is already redeemed. Check the transaction history of your account to see the transaction details. If you had redeemed your game code, you just need to go to your PS4 library and download the game. But if it wasn’t redeemed by your account then, the retailer might have sold you an already redeemed code by mistake. Check with them once.

Reason 3: Maybe the Voucher Code is not Activated

Your PS code is not activated. Most of the time this is the actual reason behind the WC-40376-0 error. If the seller has sold you a PSN card that was not activated, you get the error. If this the case then the only way you can fix it is by telling the seller to activate your code ASAP.

Reason 5: Regional Restriction

This is also a common reason behind the error message. If you look at the voucher, you can see that the country code is printed in the voucher. The code can be redeemed in the country printed on the voucher. If you are trying to redeem it from a country that is not supported then, you can get this error message. The only way to fix it is by changing the country for your PSN account but that isn’t easy. You may need to reformat the console for it.

Reason 6: Maybe the Code is Already Liked with Another PS4 Account

Another reason why your PSN is providing you this error is that the code is linked to one account but it was trying to be redeemed on another. You can never transfer the PlayStation credit between accounts so, you need to sign in to the correct account and then use the code.

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Solutions for PS4 Error WC-40376-0

Now, you the potential reasons for this error. The fixes for the error can be quite simple but they can also be quite complex. Let us get into the ways with which you can fix the error.

Method 1: Check the Vouher Code

A simple mistake can cause this error most of the time. So, Always check the code. Your code should be entered correctly without a single mistake.

Method 2: Check if the Date is Right on the Voucher

If the voucher code has expired then, it won’t work. You need to contact the seller in this situation and ask if for an unexpired code. Also, check the country of the voucher. If you don’t know the region or the country of your account, simply sign in to your PlayStation store account, select your profile avatar and see the storefront country tab.

Method 3: Check the Transaction History

Check the Transaction History
Check the Transaction History

Check the transaction history to determine if you have used the voucher already. You can only use one voucher once. So, if you have already used it again.

Final Verdict

So, there you have it. There are multiple reasons for this error as we have discussed and we have also provided you with the fixes. Do apply these fixes and see if you can get pass that error. One thing that we’d like to add is that you should always buy your voucher codes from trusted parties. Some retailers can deliberately sell you codes that don’t work and you are going to have a headache without any reason!

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FAQs on PS4 Error WC-40376-0

1. What is the PSN and PS Store?

The PSN (PlayStation Network) is basically the internet for a PlayStation. It consists of all your game progression and online multiplayer features (with a PS Plus membership).  Play Station Store, on the other hand, is the digital marketplace where you can buy all the digital codes. You need to redeem your codes for the PlayStation Store using the PlayStation Network.

2. Why is my redeem code not working?

There can be many reasons for it to be not working as we have already explained. The two most common reasons being that the code is not activated or the code is being used in a country where it is not supported.

3. Does max funding limit give you the WC-40376-0 error on ps4?

Yes, you might have exceeded the maximum funding limit. Max funding is a parental control feature on the PS4 to limit children from using too much money. But if you still want to bypass the max funding limit then, Simply go to your account and select the member for whom you are trying to limit the spending. Select the maximum amount that you want to allocate and then press the X button.

4. How do I fix the PlayStation Store error?

This is a simple software error. We can recommend two fixes for them. The first fix is simple, just restart your PS4 and see if the error still exists. Also, check your Wi-fi in the meantime. If this doesn’t work, then try updating the system software to the latest version.

5. How do I know if my PSN code is valid?

The only way to know if your PSN code is valid is to just enter the code and check for yourself. If you are able to download the content easily then it is valid otherwise not.

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