[Solved] PS4 Error WC-40360-3 [Easy Method]

PS4 Error WC-40360-3 occurs when the user trying to purchase from the PlayStation store. The error code WC-40360-3 is the common error code because sometimes bugs are appearing on the PlayStation store then the error code appears on the screen when you’re trying to make a purchase on PlayStation Store.


Yesterday I’m also face the error WC-40360-3 on my PS4 when I’m trying to purchase from PlayStation Store. Then I’m trying to solve this error and finally, I’m here to share the method on how to fix PS4 error WC-40360-3 completely without wasting your time.

PS4 Error WC-40360-3

When the error WC-40360-3 appears on the screen the PS4 user is frustrated because he/ she wants to buy the game but it’s not completed. Sometimes the user buys a coupon but the coupon also not worked and the error code WC-40360-3 appears on the screen.

This error can be frustrated the user because if the user can’t be purchase from the PlayStation Store he/ she thinks the console is useless. Due to the reason he/ she thinking negative reviews for the PlayStation. But here is the solution for this error code. Please apply this methods to fix this error code on your PS4 console.

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Reason for PS4 Error WC-40360-3

Reason for PS4 Error WC-40360-3
Reason for PS4 Error WC-40360-3

Here is the reason for the PS4 Error WC-40360-3:

  • If you’re putting the incorrect payment information.
  • Sometimes PlayStation Store attacked by the bugs and this error appears on the screen when the users are trying to purchase from the PlayStation Store.
  • If there is insufficient balance on your payment account.
  • If you’re already used the trial period.
  • Due to PSN server is down or under maintenance. To check the PSN server click here.

Solution for PS4 Error WC-40360-3

Here I write all the possible methods and steps to fix the error WC-40360-3. Just you need to follow the below steps by step correctly.

Solution for PS4 Error WC-40360-3
Solution for PS4 Error WC-40360-3
  • First of all, remove all the items from your PlayStation Store cart and try to purchase it again.
  • Make sure your payment details are all correct.
  • If you’re trying to subscribe trial period make sure you’ve not used it before. Because the trial period is used only once.
  • Try to purchase it from your computer.
  • You can also do restore your license from your PlayStation account settings. To restore go to [Settings] >> [Account Management] >> [Restore Licenses] and then try your purchase again.

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FAQs on PS4 Error WC-40360-3

1. How do I fix error WC 40360 3?

To fix the error code follow the above instructions.

2. We’re sorry-this product Cannot be purchased at this time WC 40360 3?

When you’re facing this type of message on your screen, you need to wait for some time to purchase the item from the PlayStation Store or you need to follow the above steps which I already provided you.

3. Do I need to verify my age to purchase from PlayStation Store?

Yes, of course, you need to verify your age to purchase from the PlayStation Store. But it is only for security purposes, not any personal details.

4. I’m the only one who facing the error WC-40360-3?

Of course not, you’re not the only one who facing the error WC-40360-3, but there also are so many PS4 users who already face this problem and new users are increasing day by day who face this error code.

5. Can I purchase on the PlayStation Store using my Personal Computer or Laptop?

Yes, of course, you can purchase on PlayStation Store using your Personal Computer or Laptop. Sometimes the error also fixed when you purchase using your Personal Computer or Laptop.

6. Can I use a trial period of more than one?

In one word, no you cannot use trial period more than one time because PlayStation Plus gives you only one time to use your trial period.

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