[Solved] PS4 Error WC 36547 5 – Easy Method

The PS4 Error WC 36547 5 means there is a problem with your credit card information. When you face the error WC 36547 5 on your PS4, this is the time to correct the credit card information on your PlayStation account. The main reason for this error due to credit card information.

WC 36547 5
WC 36547 5

This error code occurs when you’re going to download a game from the store. There are so many paid games on PlayStation store. You can buy them and you’ll able to download the game to your PS4 console. But sometimes there are all things are correct but you face the error WC 36547 5.

PS4 Error WC 36547 5

The error code WC 36547 5 means there is a problem with your payment method which you’re trying to purchase from the PlayStation store. Without a credit card, you cannot able to purchase on the store and cannot get full enjoyment.

Sony developed a very popular gaming console in the world. This is the world’s best gaming console. This console is using worldwide to playing games and get virtuality enjoyment. There are so many people who don’t have credit cards on their name and they’re using their family member’s card or they’re using their friend’s card.

The credit card credentials is sensitive, because if the credit card details will be steal by someone he/ she can be missused it. So, before give someone your credit card details make sure the person is trusted and will not use anywhere without your permission.

If you’re trying to add a credit card on your PlayStation console account but you see there the error WC 36547 5 and unable to link it to your account. It means there are some information is incorrect or there is something else with your account or with the card.

I’ll write here all the possible reasons and methods to fix the PS4 Error WC 36547 5. When you know the reason why the error code is appearing on your screen you can easily fix them otherwise it’ll be hard to fix the error. So, always try to know the reason before search the solution.

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Reasons for PS4 Error WC 36547 5

When you buy a new PS4 console and now ready to purchase your favorite game from the PlayStation store but you face the error WC 36547 5. There are not many reasons to occur WC 36547 5. When this error code will appears on your screen you must understand there are something else with your payment method.

One thing PlayStation only accepts original credit cards, so please don’t try to add any virtual cards on it. If PlayStation will detect that you’re using a virtual or fake credit card details your account may be permanently banned. And also they’ll banned your IP address too.

Check the reasons for WC 36547 5

  • Make sure the credit card information is correct.
  • Check the expiry date of that credit card.
  • Check the CVV, CVV2 number from the back of the card.
  • Maybe you entered the wrong billing details.
  • Make sure the country is matching with credit card details.

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PS4 Error WC 36547 5 Solutions

If you want to fix the error WC 36547 5, you need a genuine credit card with valid expiry date. It means you need to credit card with billing details. Sometimes PlayStation store doesn’t accept the card if it’s billing details are different from the account country.

But you can try to add even the country is different from the credit card details. There are low chance to accept if it’s details are different. I’ll write here all the possible methods to fix the error WC 36547 5.

Method 1: Check the Credit Card Details

Credit Card
Credit Card

There is so many PS4 console user who doesn’t have a credit card or they don’t have a bank account on their name. So they don’t have any credit card on their name. Before entering any credit card details on your account, must check first all the details of the card, like first and last name, billing address with city, state, zip code.

When you enter the valid card details on your account it’ll add easily to your account and you can easily purchase on the PlayStation store. But you must need a valid credit card.

Method 2: Check the Expiry Date and CVV, CVV2

When you entering the credit card information on the PlayStation account you must enter there a valid expiry date and CVV, CVV2. This is known as a security key of the credit card. Some cards have CVV and some cards have cvv2. The CVV and CVV2 is not matter on it.

Method 3: Update the Card Information

There is so many PS4 users who already added a card on their account but after some time they’re trying to purchase on PlayStation store the error WC 36547 5 occurs. It means the card’s validity may be expired or the billing address is changed.

If the card validity is expired and you got a new card to the replacement on it. In this situation, you need to update the card information. Like credit card number, expiry date, CVV, or cvv2 (back on the card).

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Method 4: Use a Desktop Browser to Update your Information

Chrome Browser
Chrome Browser

When you’re going to update your payment method or any account information, I recommend you to use a desktop browser (google chrome). There are so many browsers but google chrome is the best and supports all the features of every website.

To update your information:

  • Go to the Wallet section on your account.
  • Select add debit/ credit card.
  • If you’ve already added a card on your account you’ll find your existing card.
  • If you’ve found the old card information delete it and re-add the new card information or If you never add a card on your account you’ll directly go to the card adoption.
  • Set the new information as your primary card.

Final Verdict

When you successfully able to add a card on your account, you can easily purchase on the PlayStation Store. If all the above method not work with you, I recommend you to turn off your PS4 completely for 10 minutes. Remove all the cables from the PS4 console and try again to add the card.

When you turn off your PS4 and turn on but still face the error WC 36547 5, you need to Rebuild Database of your PS4 console.

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FAQs on How to fix PS4 Error WC 36547 5?

1. What is PS4 error WC 36547 5?

It means there are a problem with your credit card information or the card is already associate with your account.

2. Do I need to enter CVV or CVV2 when adding the card?

Yes, you need to enter the cvv or cvv2, because this is known as a security key of the card.

3. Can I use others’ debit/ credit card on my account?

Yes, you can use others debit/ credit card on your card.

4. Do I need to update my card details after renewing the card?

Yes, of course, because the bank will update the debit/ credit card number, expiry date and cvv/ cvv2 number.

5. Is it necessary to use a desktop browser to update my account information?

Yes, you must use a desktop browser to update your account information.

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