PS4 Error SU-41333-4 Fixed [Easy Method]

SU-41333-4 appears on the screen when you’re going to update or re-install the PS4 firmware. It occurs because there are two types of firmware versions on the downloadable file. One has 460 MB and another is 1.1 GB. When PS4 failed to install the system software SU-41333-4 appears on the screen.

PS4 Error SU-41333-4 Fixed


At the PlayStation site, there are two sizes of files are available for download and most of the users download the small size file of the PS4 firmware software. Because they think if they download the small size file and install it their storage will be used the small size. But they don’t know what will be happened if they install the 460 MB file on their PS4 system.

Due to the small update file, the error SU-41333-4 code occurs on the screen. So, don’t hesitate to download the big file size on your local storage and install it. It’ll work properly then the 460 MB.

Reason of SU-41333-4

Here are some reasons for PS4 SU-41333-4, just check if you already do this, you faced the error SU-41333-4 on your PS4 system screen.

  • Due to the small file size instead of 460 MB, you need to download 1.1 GB file on your storage device.
  • The PS4 only read the USB format in FAT32 or exFAT.
  • If the USB storage format was NTFS.
  • PS4UPDATE.PUP must be uppercase with the update inside the UPDATE folder.

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Solution of SU-41333-4

Here are to the solution of PS4 41333-4, just follow the below instruction to fix the error code SU-41333-4. If you’ll fail to follow the below steps the error code SU-41333-4 cannot be fixed as you want.

  • First, you need to download the full size of the PS4 firmware. Eg. download 1.1 GB instead of 460MB.
  • Your USB storage format must be FAT32 or exFAT instead of NTFS.
  • You must download the firmware from the PS4 official site.
  • The downloaded firmware software file named must be PS4UPDATE.PUP
  • The PS4 must connect with the internet.

How to Convert a USB Storage Device to FAT32

Convert a USB Storage Device to FAT32

Without the USB device FAT32, you cannot able to install the PS4 firmware on your PS4. Because PS4 didn’t support the NTFS format of USB. Here are some steps to convert a USB storage device to FAT32.

  • Right-click the USB disk and select Format.
  • Insert USB flash to your computer
  • Right-click in the assigned drive od USB flash drive
  • Then select the format
  • Just change the file system type to FAT322
  • See the image below
  • Click on start

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FAQs on Fix PS4 Error SU-41333-4

1. What to do when your ps4 says Cannot start ps4?

Completely turn off the PS4 by holding the power button. Remove the HDD and attempt to turn the system on. Completely turn off the PS4 system, remove the power cable, and leave the PS4 system for 20 minutes. Re-install the HDD and boot into Safe Mode.

2. How do I factory reset my PlayStation 4?

Restore Default Settings. To restore system software to its default settings, select (Settings) > [Initialization] > [Restore Default Settings], and then follow the on-screen instructions.

3. What does Initialize ps4 mean?

Initialization of your PS4™ system restores system settings to default values. It deletes data saved on system storage and deletes all users and their data from the system. Select (Settings) > [Initialization] > [Initialize PS4], and then follow the on-screen instructions.

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