PS4 Error SU-30645-8 Fixed [Updated Working Method]

The PS4 Error SU-30645-8 occurs when you’re going to update your PS4 system software. Or if you change or replace the HDD with new one and try to install new system software on the PS4, the error SU-30645-8 appears on the screen.

This error is very frustrating error code on the PS4. When this error comes on the PS4, the PS4 user cannot able to install or update the system software. The PlayStation company always trying to fix maximum bugs on the PS4. So, this is the main reason to update the PS4 firmware system software.

PS4 Error SU-30645-8


When you’re facing SU-30645-8 error on your PS4, this means there is a problem with the HDD of your PS4 or there maybe the problem with the update file (downloaded system update file). For this error there is not only one reason to occur this. There are multi reason to come this error on the screen.

I’m here to fix this error completely, just you need to follow the below instructions to fix the error SU-30645-8. After fixing this error code you’ll able to update the PS4 and use it easily as you like. I’ll post here all the possible reasons and possible solutions for this error code. This code is very critical error on PS4, if you’ll failed to fix this error you cannot able to use your PS4.

This means you must need to fix this error to use your PS4. I also face this error on my PS4 yesterday, I researched everywhere to fix this error. And I found the reasons and solutions for this error.

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Reasons for PS4 Error SU-30645-8

The main reason for this error code is there is problem with the system update file. But sometimes there maybe problem with the PS4 hardware. Below check all the possible reasons for this error code.

Check the reaons:

  • There may be a problem with system update file.
  • The downloaded system file may be corrupted or filename is incorrect.
  • Maybe a problem with the RAM.
  • If there is a problem with the HDD.
  • Problem with an internet connection (slow internet connection or no internet access).

Solutions for PS4 Error SU-30645-8

Every error has a solution, but we need to search it and get the right solution. I’m here to provide the solution of SU-30645-8. With these below methods you’ll completely fix this error on your PS4. I’ll write here all the possible solutions to fix this error code.

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Method 1: Download Original File & Set the Correct File Path

There are so many download websites in the market and also you can find there the PS4 system file on those sites. But from those sites to download the system software is not safe for your PS4. Because there are so many software developers who want to earn money through compromise the software.

I recommend you always download the PS4 system software from the PlayStation official site. It’s always safe and trusted for everyone. When you download a file from other sites, the downloaded file is corrupted or compromised due to the error SU-30645-8 occurs on the screen. The compromised file always creates a problem.

If the downloaded file name is different from PS4UPDATE.PUP, there also created a problem named PS4 Error SU-30645-8.

To set the correct file path on the USB or Pendrive:

  • First, download the update file from the PlayStation site.
  • Insert a USB on your PC or Laptop, USB storage must be minimum 2GB.
  • Sometimes, you download the multiple files from the different sites and there are multiple corrupted files. So, make sure delete all of them and copy-paste the original file on the USB named PS4UPDATE.PUP
  • After done this try to update the PS4.

Method 2: Try to Replace HDD or Use the Original HDD


The PS4 console’s price is very high, due to we’re not able to buy a more storage capacity PS4. But after buying a small storage capacity PS4 console, we’re trying to upgrade the HDD. At this situation there comes a problem with the PS4. The HDD which you buy is not supported on PS4 or it’s not for PS4 or its hardware is not compatible with PS4.

In my experience, the PS4 Error SU-30645-8 is 80% fixed when you use the original HDD on your PS4. This is the power of original things. It is 100% compatible with the PS4 hardware, so please first make sure if you’re thinking to change or upgrade the HDD try first if the new HDD is working properly on your PS4. After works fine you can change it. Otherwise you’ll loose your money without value.

  • Sometimes, the HDD is corrupted. Try to replace it with new one.
  • There are so many cases that when the PS4 user change their original HDD with new one the error SU-30645-8 appears on the screen. Try to re-install the orignal HDD on your PS4.
  • Make sure there are some free spaces on the HDD.
  • Make sure the new HDD is compatible to use on PS4.

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Method 3: Try to Change the RAM

RAM for PS4
RAM for PS4

The RAM is very important part on PS4. Without the RAM the PS4, Laptop or Computer never opens. So, this is very important part of PS4. When there comes a problem on the RAM the PS4 is left to works fine. Make sure the RAM is in good condition to work fine.

If there is a problem with the RAM the error SU-30645-8 also appears on the screen without any notification. Because all data transfer through the RAM.

  • Completely turns off the PS4 console for 5 minutes.
  • Remove the RAM and re-install it correctly.
  • Turns on the PS4 on safe mode. If still there is a problem try to change the RAM with new one.
  • After changed the RAM there is appear the same error try to apply the next method to fix this.

Method 4: Maybe Problem with your Internet Connection or Slow Internet Speed

The error SU-34506-8 appears also if there is slow internet connection. This is so simple method to fix this error, just you need to check your internet speed if the internet is working on other devices. Sometimes, we didn’t care about the internet connection is working or not. We don’t check on the connection status if the is Internet Connection or No Internet Connection.

  • Check the internet speed from or
  • Ask your ISP if there is exceeded your bandwidth.
  • Check on the other connected devices if the internet is working or not.
  • If on the other devices the internet is working perfectly try to change the Wi-Fi password.
  • Try to use the ethernet cable on the PS4.

If this method also not work try to open the PS4 on safe mode, this will also help to fix most problems. If you don’t know how to access PS4 safe mode click here.

Final Verdict

There may be multiple reasons to occurs in the PS4 Error SU-30645-8. It means you need to try multiple methods to fix the error on your PS4. When the error SU-30645-8 appears on your PS4 first try to check the downloaded file is not corrupted and it’s downloaded from the official site of PS4.

After applied those methods the error is still occurring on your PS4, I recommend you contact the PlayStation online customer support or contact the store where you buy the PS4.

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FAQ on PS4 Error SU-30645-8

1. What is the error SU-30645-8 means?

The error SU-30645-8 means there is a problem with your downloaded file or the downloaded file is corrupted.

2. Can I fix this error through a safe mode?

Yes, of course, the PS4 safe mode is help to fix this error.

3. Can I download and use the PS4 system software from other sites?

Yes, you can but I recommend you to don’t download and use those software on your PS4. It is very risky for your PS4 because the file maybe compromised by the unknown developer.

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  1. when i try use usb method the right way i get the error but DL’ed from sony, problem that started me here was Call of Duty Modern Warfare disk doesnt work “unrecognized disc”, 3 different disk bc i have 3 copies, my daughter, me and my partner but her ps4 wont read just that game, any other game from my selection of 20 games works fine, so ive wiped it clean in safemode, updated via internet, but just the usb method comes up with error which makes me believe maybe its her harddrive or ram, if i could take the game back maybe a digital copy would work but dont think they will take game back, but trying to find free options first to save my partners money, may have spare computer hd what ram does ps4 take???


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