PS4 Error SU-30627-8 Fixed [Easy Method]

The PS4 error SU-30627-8 means there is a problem when download system update. Corrupted HDD? When there is a new system update in the PS4, you should always get the update as soon as possible. A new system update will definitely improve the performance and security of your console and you can be very much satisfied with the outcome.


There are a few errors that can occur with a system update though. The most common example of an error is the classic SU-30627-8 error.  Today, we are going to be providing you the reasons behind this error and then provide you a comprehensive guide to fix it. Let us begin now.

Reason for PS4 Error SU-3067-8

There can be a few reasons why you are seeing this error code on your screen. We have listed out and explained the reasons below:

Reason 1: Update Failed

Update Failed
Update Failed

The main reason for this error is that the update might have failed somehow. Maybe the internet connection went down in the middle of the update or something happened on the server side. If this is the issue then, you can simply try later and it will update automatically.

Reason 2: System Software Files Corrupted

System Software Files Corrupted
System Software Files Corrupted

Now, this is one of the main reasons why the error occurs. The system software might have been corrupted and the system update cannot be installed. We can fix this easily and we will provide you the fix later in this article. Let us now see some other reasons too. 

Reason 3: USB Storage Device is Corrupted or Not Supported

USB is Not Supported
USB is Not Supported

If you have the update firmware file downloaded on a USB drive and trying to update your PS4 from it then this error might occur. This can have something to do with faulty USB cables or the device itself can have some problems. 

Reason 4: Hard Disk is Dying

HDD is Dying
HDD is Dying

This can be another reason and this might be the most difficult one to solve. Either there is some problem with the internal hard disk of your PS4 such as loose cables or, your hard disk is going to die. If you have a warranty, just claim it. If you don’t then you can go to the nearest repair shop and try to fix the error.

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Fixes for PS4 Error SU-30627-8

Now, let us see some of the things that you can possibly do to fix this error and code and get back to gaming. Here I’ll write all the possible methods to fix the error SU-30627-8, just you need to follow all the steps by step to fix this error.

Fix 1: Update System Software in Safe Mode

PS4 Safe Mode
PS4 Safe Mode

First you need to access the safe mode. It is very easy. The instructions are given below:

  •  First, Turn off the PlayStation 4 by pressing the power button.
  • Now, connect the PS4 Controller to your PS4 (with the USB cable)
  • Press and hold the power button for around 7 seconds. There will be two beeps. On the second beep, release the button.
  • Get your controller now and press the PS button. That’s it. You are in the PS4 safe mode.

Now for the next part. Just  select the update system software option when you are in the safe mode. If there is an update option, update the console and wait till it completes. Now, try playing again.  If there is no update or the error still doesn’t go then you can see the other fixes. 

There is an alternative method too. You can download the firmware on a separate USB drive and insert that drive into your PS4 to update it. This is called manual update and it might work in some cases. 

Fix 2: Rebuild Database to Fix Corrupted Files

Rebuild Database in Safe Mode
Rebuild Database in Safe Mode

As we said that the SU-30627-8 error can occur when you have corrupted system software files. If you want to fix the error then, you would have to rebuild the database. For doing this, follow the instructions given below:

  • Boot the system is safe mode. Follow the instructions in our previous fix to get to the safe mode.
  • Now just go the Rebuild Database option and hit X. Wait for a bit, rebuilding the entire database takes some time and then, try updating again. 

If the error is still not fixed then the problem might be with your hard disk.

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Fix 3: Hard Drive Test

Hard Drive Test
Hard Drive Test

This is a hardware fix so, only attempt this fix if you have some hardware knowledge. The error code SU-30627-8 might be there because of a pretty bad PS4 hard disk. To check whether your hard disk is defective or not you need to remove the PS4 hard disk from the console. Using an appropriate screw driver, just take out the hard disk from your PS4 and now connect it to a computer.

You can use any hard disk scanning software to find any defects. If you find that something is indeed wrong with your hard disk then you need to send your console to a service center. If you have a warranty, claim it. If you don’t, then just replace the hard disk on your PS4 and you are good to go. But what if your hard disk isn’t defective? If this is the case then, we have a final fix that is almost like an ultimate fix!

Fix 4: PS4 Factory Reset

PS4 Factory Reset
PS4 Factory Reset

You have tried everything, right? Tried updating with safe mode, tried rebuilding the database. tried manual updating, tested your hard drive but the problem isn’t going away. So, as a final fix, you need reset your PS4 to factory settings and see if this fix the problem. Do remember this though, restoring your PS4 to it’s factory settings will default all the data. In addition, it will also erase your data. If you have some important saved game files, back it up. Now, follow the instructions given below:

  • Restart your PS4 on safe mode. You will two options there ‘Initialize PS4’ on option number 6 and ‘Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System software)’ on option number 7.
  • First, you need to go to the sixth option, you can see ‘Initialize PS4’ in the option. Just go to this option and hit X.
  • Have patience. Let the PS4 do it’s job and see if the error persists or is fixed. If it is fixed then congratulations!
  • If the error still persists then, restart the PS4 again is safe mode but this time press X on the 7th option i.e. ‘Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software). Wait for some time now. And now you might have fixed the issue!

If the error is still not fixed then, there might be some major hardware flaw in your system. Just contact your retailer or hit up the Sony service center and fix the issue.

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1. Is the SU-30627-8 error solvable?

Yes, it is pretty much solvable. It might take time and a lot of patience but most of the times, this is a solvable error.

2. Does taking out my hard disk void my warranty?

No, replacing the PS4 hard disk or taking it out to check it will not void your warranty. 

3. Is factory reset a safe thing to do?

If you have backed up your data properly then, there is no problem with a factory reset. You can go ahead with it without worrying. 

4. Where can I get a PS4 hard disk?

Just go to your nearest PS4 retail shop and ask them. You can also order one from amazon, Walmart or go to best buy.


The methods given in this fix article are tried and tested. Most of the fixes work and you should follow it step wise. Do not get all excited and factory reset at the very beginning. Work your way towards it, try the safe mode, try the manual update, check your hard disk and only then factory reset, if you can see that nothing is working. But how do you avoid this error? Well, there is no sure way to avoid it. You can however always turn off your PS4 in an appropriate way and update it as soon as the updates are available. These precautions could help you out.

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