[Solved] Crunchyroll Error Code Med 4005

Crunchyroll is a popular streaming network for anime fans. Crunchyroll attracts anime enthusiasts with its wide selection and high-quality content.

With its user-friendly interface and large variety of classic and contemporary anime, the portal makes streaming easy. Crunchyroll also excels at simulcasting, offering new episodes immediately after their Japanese airing.

Crunchyroll caters to anime fans with a subscription service that removes advertisements and unlocks unique material. Crunchyroll promotes community through forums, conversations, and events as an anime hub. Crunchyroll is essential for anime fans worldwide, whether they’re watching oldies or new releases.


Users seeing the Error Code MED 4005 may be unable to watch their favorite anime on Crunchyroll. This error usually results from connectivity or device issues. Users can fix this by testing their internet connection for stability. Switching networks or rebooting the router may help.

Clearing the browser cache or switching browsers may also work. Upgrade your browser too. Disable any browser extensions or add-ons that may interfere with Crunchyroll if the issue persists.

The MED 4005 problem may be fixed by utilizing Crunchyroll’s device-specific apps or updating the app. Finally, Crunchyroll’s customer service can offer customized methods to fix the error and restore anime streaming.

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What is Crunchyroll Error Code Med 4005?

The med-4005 error code may originate from various potential causes, including server outages, technical glitches, interactions with adblockers, playback sequence issues, and the necessity to wait for the resolution of service outages.

How to fix Crunchyroll Error Code Med 4005?

When excitedly watching anime, error notices might be frustrating. Crunchyroll Error Code MED 4005, which causes a frozen or blank screen and an error message, is widespread. This can confuse users, pushing them to seek answers.

Crunchyroll video playback often fails due to the MED 4005 error, which indicates a connectivity issue between the user’s device and the server. The origin of this issue is unknown, however users have suggested several factors. To fix this issue and keep Crunchyroll anime streaming, try different troubleshooting approaches.

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Method 1: Check Server Status

Check that the fault isn’t server-related before debugging. Crunchyroll’s servers may shutdown for maintenance, causing connectivity troubles and error messages. To check server status, users should visit Crunchyroll’s Twitter or other reliable sources. When server unavailability is confirmed, viewers must be patient till the servers are back online to stream anime.

Method 2: Disable Ad Blocker

Users use ad blockers to improve their online experience by blocking advertising. Ad filters can sometimes affect Crunchyroll’s operation. Disabling Crunchyroll’s ad filter may fix the MED 4005 problem and allow uninterrupted video streaming. This simple procedure may fix the issue and improve platform streaming.

Method 3: Switch Between Episodes

A Reddit user revealed a Crunchyroll Error Code MED 4005 fix. Switching between episodes in a precise order may restore video to the screen. Though unusual, this method has helped some users fix the issue.

Here’s how to implement this workaround:

  1. Navigate to the option for “previous episode” or “next episode” within the series you are currently watching.
  2. Quickly select the opposite button to return to the specific episode you originally intended to watch.
  3. After executing this action, the video may reappear on the screen, resolving the issue.

However, don’t touch the video right away. Avoid entering fullscreen mode as it may crash the video again with the MED 4005 error. Users have found ways to fix and avoid this problem, but its cause is unknown.

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FAQ on How to fix Crunchyroll Error Code Med 4005?

1. How do I fix crunchyroll error?

Follow the above methods.

2. Why can’t I connect to Crunchyroll?

Check the Crunchyroll app and device software for updates. Manage bandwidth to decrease network congestion, especially if numerous devices are connected, to avoid buffering.

3. Why won t Crunchyroll accept my card?

Clear cache and cookies or try a different browser.

4. Why is Crunchyroll restricted?

Crunchyroll’s enormous anime and manga library is only available in the US. Crunchyroll cannot show some content in certain countries owing to content rights difficulties.

5. What is error Med 1 on Crunchyroll?

This is error suggests a server connection issue.

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