How to Access PS4 Safe Mode? Easy Process

There are so many users who don’t know how to access PS4 safe mode on PS4. You have a PlayStation 4 system and it’s not working properly? Then you need to go to this Mode is the best way to fix any problem with PS4.

This mode options may restore functions to a PS4 system that cannot startup normally.

Access PS4 Safe Mode

Follow each option properly below instructions for entering Safe Mode

  • Shut down your PS4: If the system is turned on, press and hold the power button for seven seconds until you hear a second beep.
  • Release the power button and wait until the system lights completely off.
  • Enter Safe Mode: When all system lights are off, press and hold the power button to turn off the PS4 system on keeping your finger on the button. Then you should hear one beep when you first press the button and another beep about 5 seconds later.
  • Release the power button after the system has beeped twice (Release the power button after the second beep).
  • When you see a message directing you to connect a wireless controller and press the PS button, follow these steps below:

Restart System

Restart the PS4: The first option in this mode the menu is the restart system. You can use this option for exit safe mode.

Exit Safe Mode
Exit Safe Mode

Change Resolution

The second safe mode menu is change resolution. This option may help the PS4 image, the video isn’t showing up on the TV outside of the safe mode. Select to restart the PS4 and 480p resolution. And that is plays on your TV then you go to settings and go to Sounds and Screen.

PS4 Safe Mode Sound and Screen
PS4 Safe Mode Sound and Screen
  • Then choose Video Output Settings
Video Output Settings
Video Output Settings
  • Now, you need to select the resolution and you can choose the
  • the manually maximum resolution that TV supported by your TV.

If your PS4 can’t update normally, skip the System Software Update option and you need to go Initialize PS4 & Initialize (Reinstall) option from here.

Update System Software
Update System Software
PS4 safe mode option

The fourth option called Restore Default Settings: Reverts all system settings to factory defaults.

Restore Default settings

Using this option to all system settings to stay away from when the system is brand new. You need to sign in to the PlayStation that works after the work. So have the correct email and password for your account on hand. Using this option will not delete any data from your system.

Rebuild Database

May help with a variety of issues.

It’s recommended the entire rebuild database option. If your PS4 showing these types of problems as below:

  • Contains corrupt data that can’t be accessed or deleted
  • Stopped working during a system update
  • Freezes up in the system menu
  • Displays a message after system startup warning the Hard Disk Drive is corrupted.

If your system is experiencing any of these issues, it’s a good idea to try the rebuild database option. Using this option will not delete anything from Hard Disk except for corrupted data. Rebuilding the database may be taken an hour longer paining the amount of data store on your PS4 system.

Initialize PS4 & Initialize (Reinstall)

Initialize PS4

These options should be used after you tried other options before sending your system in for service. Initialization is the last option because you delete all data from your Hard Disk and reset all system settings back to the factory defaults.

If possible you should backup your save games and installation data before initialization.

Saved game data can be copy to your external USB device or can be uploaded online storage if you’re PlayStation plus member.

Creating system backup on your external USB device will allow you to restore installed games after successful initialization.

Once data has backed up re-enter safe mode and choose option Initialize PS4 system. If your PS4 system startup normally after initialization you’ll be fronted to set up your system just like when you turn for the first time. Sign in to your PlayStation network account and go to the library to download the game and video content that you used purchased from PlayStation Store. At this point, you can also restore data that has been backed up to online storage and external USB devices.

If initialization that not reserve your issue then you should try Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software). Follow this instruction on how to install new system software.

PS4 safe mode reinstall system software
  • You need to download a special re-installation version of the PS4 system software and store it on the USB storage device.
  • Then you use option no. 7 to install new system software after the PS4 has been initialized.

Successful initialization will be followed by system setup and PlayStation Network site in previously.

PS4 safe mode playstation network

If your PS4 system doesn’t work after you’ve tried Safe Mode, it should be sent for service.

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FAQs on How to Access PS4 Safe Mode?

1. How do you get your PlayStation 4 out of safe mode?

Restart PS4 using system mode and connect the dualshock4 controller to the PS4 using a USB cable and select option 1 in the safe mode menu to exit.

2. Does PS4 safe mode delete data?

The Safe Mode options are designed to help you solve issues. Some Safe Mode options will result in the loss of data.

3. Why won’t my ps4 go into safe mode?

First, completely turn off the PS4 and press hold down the power butting for 7 seconds. The PS4 console will beep twice and let off the power button and the PS4 will enter safe mode.

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