PS4 No Sound Problem [Fixed] – Get Solution

Hello guys, today we’re going to write an article on How to fix PS4 No Sound. We found the problem everywhere these days. Many users are reporting it to the PlayStation Company but they didn’t respond to give any solution.

PS4 No Sound Problem on TV and Headset

Many of the PS4 users are also asking on the forum on how to fix this problem? Here is very good news for you that you can easily fix this problem.


There are so many ways to solve this problem, we added here all the method to solve the problem. You need to try one by one method until fixing your problem. Some users try one method and if the method will not works, they’re frustrated and never tried another method. So be careful and try one by one method till fix the PS4 No Sound. The error also called:

  • PS4 no sound
  • PS4 headset no sound
  • PS4 controller pc no sound
  • PS4 remote play no sound and many more

These are all the method you need to try

  • Check your headset
  • Switch the input of your display
  • Check the connection between your devices
  • Update your sound card driver
  • Configure the audio device settings on your PS4
  • Update the PS4 system software on the latest version
  • Restore the PS4 to the default factory settings

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Method 1: Check Your Headset

Check Headset
Check Headset

First of all, you need to check your headset to solve the problem of PS4 no sound. Because many users do not check their headset and try to find another solution to fix this problem.

  • Check your headset cable if the wire is not cut or damage.
  • Try to check the port is right which you insert the audio jack into the ps4.
  • The port and audio jack is clean, if there is dust please clean first and insert.
  • Try to connect the headset with your mobile device or other devices to check the headset is working properly or damaged.

Method 2: Switch the input of your display

Switch the input of your display
Switch the input of your display

Not all the cases but in some cases, the audio problem is caused by the signal issues. To quick fix, this issue you need to switch input channels on your display (your TV or your monitor) then switching back.

Most of the users these days used the latest and updated version of TV or Monitor for their PS4. If you are one of them and your PS4 is connected to the HDMI 1 port on your display, you can switch the input channel to HDMI 2, and then switch the input back to HDMI 1.

Many users cannot able to do this right way, so if you think you’re also cannot do properly this process will vary depending on different displays. If you don’t know how to do it, consult the documentation of your display for instructions.

After doing that restart your PS4 and play a game to see if this method fixed your audio issue or not. If it didn’t fix your problem, read on and check the method below.

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Method 3: Check the connection between your devices

In some cases, we are lazy and don’t check our device connection correctly. There are two types of user nowadays, TV user and headset users. If you’re using a TV with HDMI cable you don’t need a headset for the sound. On the TV there is already an available speaker on TV. If you’re using a monitor you need an external headset or speaker for the sound.

For TV users

  • Turn off your PS4 and your display(TV).
  • Unplug your HDMI cable and power cable for 5 minutes.
  • Check your cables and the corresponding ports on your devices (TV and PS4). Remove foreign objects if you see any.
  • Now, again plug the cable properly and check again the plug are inserted into the ports correctly.
  • Then restart your PS4 and your display.

For headset users

  • First, unplug your headset from the PS4 controller, and disconnect the MIC boom by pulling it straight out of the headset and plug the mic boom back in.
  • Then re-plug your headset into your PS4 controller.
  • Now, plug your headset into your mobile phone, and make a phone call with your mic and see if it works well.

We hope now your problem was fixed with this solution. If still, you face the same problem check another method and try again to fix PS4 no sound.

Method 4: Update your sound card driver

Update your sound card driver
Update your sound card driver

The software company updating its software day by day if they can or weekly or monthly basis. You don’t need to change your headset you need to update your sound card driver to make sure there’s no problem communicating between PC and MIC. There’re two options to update your audio driver: Automatically update and Manually update.

Automatically update

Many people are don’t know how to update the driver manually. If you don’t have time or computer skills to manually update drivers, you can do that automatically with Driver Easy. Otherwise, you can to manually update.

Manually update

First, you need to check your device manufacture company and visit their website for the correct and latest version of the driver for your device. This will go more time to download the correct and latest driver and also you need more time and proper computer knowledge and skill to fix with a manual driver update.

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Method 5: Configure the audio device settings on your PS4

If you’re using your headphones on your PS4 and there is no sound on it, you need to check the audio device settings on your PS4. Here is how to configure settings for your connected audio device:

  • On the home screen of your PS4 system, press the up button on your controller to go to the function area.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Devices
  • Select Audio Devices.
Configure the audio device settings on your PS4-Select Audio Devices.
  • Select Output to Headphones, and then select All Audio

Now, restart your PS4 and play a game to see if it fix PS4 no sound. If the problem is still available to try another method below.

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Method 6: Configure the Audio Output Settings on your PS4 (Change Audio Format on Your PS4)

No one wants to play low quality and low graphics games. Nowadays all the PS4 users use Blu-Ray or DVD to play the game. When playing a Blu-ray or DVD, the AV receiver may only detect Linear PCM (Stereo) even if the audio on the movie is set to DTS 5.1 or Dolby Digital 5.1. These settings can also be applied to games under the game’s audio settings.

  • Load up Blu-ray or DVD movie into your PS4.
  • When the disc is playing, press Options on the game controller and then select Settings.
  • Scroll down and select Sound and Screen.
  • Select Audio output settings
  • Select Audio Format (Priority)
  • Now, select Audio Format (Bitstream (Mix))

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Method 7: Update the PS4 system software on the latest version

If you’re not updated your system software for a long time, this can also cause a sound issue. Most of the problem is solved when updating the system software. So, don’t hesitate and update your PS4 system software to the latest version. Here is the step by step method on how to update the PS4 system software.

  • On the home screen of your PS4 system, press the up button on your controller to go to the function area.
  • Select Settings
  • Select System Software Update, and then follow the on-screen instructions to update the system software for your PS4.

We hope your PS4 works properly after you update the latest software for it.

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Method 8: Restore the PS4 to the default factory settings

Another method to fix PS4 audio and sound issues is restoring your PS4 to the default factory settings in safe mode. Here is how:

  • On the front of your PS4, press the power button to turn it off.
  • After your PS4 is turned off completely, press and hold the power button.
  • After you hear two beeps from your PS4, release the button.
  • Connect your controller to your PS4 with a USB cable.
  • Press the PS button on your controller.
  • Select Restore to Default Settings
PS4 remote play pc no sound
  • Select Yes and wait for the process to be complete.
  • Restart your game to see if this method worked.

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FAQs on How to Fix PS4 No Sound?

1. Why can’t I hear anything from my ps4 headset?

If you are not able to hear sound from your PS4, you PS4 might be PS4 no sound problem. To fix this problem you need to check your headset first with the plugin on a mobile device.

2. Why is there no sound coming from my TV?

If you cannot hear any sound from the speakers built into your TV, check volume level is set above zero. Under Audio or Audio Settings on the on-screen menu, TV Speakers are set to On. All of the cables physically connected to the TV and the input devices are secure.

3. Can a bad HDMI cable cause no sound?

HDMI cables can go bad. The most common place for a problem is a bad connection between the cable and the device

4. Why am I getting Ps4 remote play no sound?

If you’re not hearing sound when playing PS4 remote play due to weak internet speed. Check here on How to increase the internet connection speed on ps4.

5. How do I fix the sound on my ps4?

Once you need to change your audio format from your PS4 settings.

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