Solved: PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4 – Easy Fixed 2020

When there is a problem with your PS4 DNS settings and there occurs the error code NW-31253-4. It means there is a problem with your DNS settings. This is a very frustrating error code on PS4. Because when this error code appears on the screen, the user cannot able to play or use any services of PlayStation.

Many users are trying to solving this error code without any knowledge and they generate another error code on their PS4. So, I recommend you first collect some information before change anything on your PS4. This article may help you to solve the error code NW-31253-4.

Make sure your internet connection is working properly on other devices also. And also the Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable is in good condition. If there is a problem with your internet connection PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4 also appears on the screen and you cannot able to use any PlayStation services.

PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4 Fix

To fix the error NW-31253-4 just you need to follow the below methods. When the PS4 DNS Error is solved you don’t need to apply the next method.

Method 1: Change DNS Settings

Change DNS Settings
Change DNS Settings

There are hundreds of free and premium DNS servers available. You can use one of them which suite you. If you want to buy a premium DNS absolutely you can buy. If you want to use free DNS you can also use free DNS on your PS4. Most of the users are using free DNS because they don’t want to spend money. If you need the free DNS click here.

The free DNS also works good but you can try them if they work for you. Changing the DNS on your PS4 means there are limitations with your IP address so, you need to change your DNS to access PlayStation services. Otherwise, you cannot able to access the PlayStation service and cannot able to play games on your PS4.

To Change DNS Settings:

  1. Go to Settings >>Under Setup Internet Connection select Network >> then select Wi-Fi or LAN depending on your situation. If you’re using Wi-Fi choose Wi-Fi if you’re using ethernet cable choose LAN.
If you’re using Wi-Fi:
  1. Select Custom >> Select your WiFi network and enter the WiFi password to connect the network. If you had connected to that WiFi network previously, you won’t have to enter the password again since it is automatically saved.
  2. In the IP Address Settings, you need to select Automatic.
  3. You shouldn’t use the DHCP Host Name, but you should select Manual in the DNS Settings.
If you’re using Ethernet Cable:
  1. Select Custom >> set the IP Address Settings to Automatic >> Do Not Use in the DHCP Host Name >> set the DNS Settings to Manual.

When you choose Manual you need to input there Primary DNS and Secondary DNS.

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

After successfully set the DNS Settings, you need to click on Next and you will get the MTU Settings >> select Automatic in the MTU Settings and select Do Not Use in the Proxy Server. Then, you can click on Test Internet Connection to check if the Ps4 DNS Error NW-31253-4 error is resolved or not.

After doing this the PS4 DNS Error is not solved you need to follow another method to fix this error code NW-31253-4.

Method 2: Reset The PS4

Reset The PS4
Reset The PS4

I say this is the ultimate solution for every technical thing to fix 90% problem without doing anything. Because when you reset your PS4 there will be all the settings are default. It means when you reset your PS4 it’s all the settings are default and it’s like a new PS4 when you buy a new.

All of your connections are refreshes when you’re resetting your PS4. But before you reset your PS4, you need to backup you all the important data at a safe place. Because when you reset all the data which is stored in systems drive it’ll be erased.

To Reset Your PS4:

  1. First, turn off the PS4 completely.
  2. When it completely turned off, unplug the power cord from the back part of the device.
  3. Then, disconnect everything that you might have connected to your PlayStation 4. It includes the modem, the router, the controllers and the power supply as well as other extra hardware.
  4. After you have done all these, you need to let it stay unplugged for about 2-5 minutes at a minimum and then you need to connect everything again.
  5. After connecting everything, you need to plug the power cord back into your PS4 console and then turn the console ON in a common way.

Method 3: Online Support Troubleshooter

Online Support Troubleshooter
Online Support Troubleshooter

The Sony company has developed an online support troubleshooter to fix the error code for PlayStation 4. Sometimes you can also fix the PS4 Error DNS NW-31253-4 with this online tool. The site is available online and you should visit it and follow the instructions on the site to make sure the error is resolved. This solution was highly praised among the users and almost anyone who struggled with this problem solved it by implementing this solution.

You can go here to use Online Support Troubleshooter: Online Support Troubleshooter

FAQs PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4

1. How do I fix error NW 31253 4 on ps4?

Check your internet connection if it’s working or not, sometimes you need to change DNS on your PS4 to fix this error. Also, you can try to reset your PS4 or you can use an Online support troubleshooter.

2. Does resting PS4 solve the ps4 NW-31253-4 error?

Yes, of course to resetting your PS4 the error NW-31253-4 is fixed.

3. What is the best DNS for ps4?

There are hundreds of DNS available for free to use without any limitations. But most popular and most of the users like Google DNS. It is very much stable and good DNS to play any online games without any limitations.

4. What does NW 31253 4 mean on ps4?

NW-31253-4 means PS4 DNS Error, It means there is a problem with your internet connection or problem with your DNS servers.

I hope the above methods are helpful to you. If you’ve any of the error problems with your PS4 you can easily ask here for the solution. I’ll try my best to fix the error code which you’re facing.

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