PS4 Error NW-34345-9 – Fixed | Easy Methods

The error NW-34345-9 occurs when the PS4 user trying to connect weak Wi-Fi to their PS4. PS4 error NW-34345-9 usually comes when your hotspot or Wi-Fi signal is weak.

PS4 Error NW-34345-9 – Fixed

This error code is a very frustrating and common error code on PS4. Usually, there are so many users who are daily facing this error code NW-34345-9 on their PS4. Because there are so many reasons to occurs this error code on PS4. Mostly if the hotspot or Wi-Fi signal is weak on your home you can also face this error code. So, you need to try if there is an alternative to this.


This error code mostly appears when the PS4 users trying to connect their PS4 to the local WiFi hotspot, especially an Xfinity one in the States. In built-up areas, you can have multiple hotspots in range, and either trying other hotspots or routers and then moving back to the original one often fixes the issue.

Here I’m writing the best method to fixing the PS4 error NW-34345-9 with easy and best solutions.

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Method 1: Update PS4 in Safe Mode


The error code NW-34345-9 occurs if your PS4 firmware is not up to date to the latest version of the software. It means you need to update your PS4 to the latest firmware of the version.

There are so many errors fixed when you update your PS4. Because when you update your PS4 in the new version of PS4 replaced the old version of firmware and fixes previous bugs. So, you just need to check from time to time if there comes a new version of PS4 firmware.

Update PS4 to in Safe Mode

  • First completely turns off your PS4, then again press the power button and hold it for 7 seconds. It’ll then boot in safe mode.
  • When the PS4 turns on in Safe Mode, choose the Update System Software option and click Update via Internet. If the WiFi still doesn’t work then connect directly to your router with ethernet or go around to a friend’s house and use their internet instead to install the update.
  • When you update the PS4 it’ll download the PS4 firmware system software. When download and update are completed it’ll reboot in normal mode.

This method mostly fixed the error NW-34345-9, but sometimes it’ll now fixed the error. If still you face the same error code you need to try next method to solve this error.

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Method 2: Hard Reset your Router or Hotspot


The error code NW-34345-9 occurs when if there is weak signal of Wi-Fi or hotspot. So, you need to do strong your Wi-Fi or hotspot signal.

Some quick tips if you are having this problem on a wireless home network connection:

  • Reset your router and PS4.
  • Make sure your router is updated to the latest firmware.
  • Move your PS4 and router closer together.
  • Restore the Default Settings on your PS4, by entering Safe Mode, but selecting the Default Settings option instead. Resets network settings to default but does not delete any data.
  • Leaving your PS4 in Rest Mode for a long time can cause these errors. Turn it fully off and unplug for a few minutes before restarting.
  • If you are getting NAT errors, or are on NAT 3 when you try to test your connection, then try using DMZ settings to place your console on Open NAT and fully open it up to the internet for the best connection.

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FAQs on PS4 Error NW-34345-9

1. How do you fix error code NW-34345-9 on ps4?

To fix the error NW-34345-9 you need to update your PS4 firmware to the latest version or you can reset your router settings or you can use ethernet cable on your PS4.

2. What DNS settings should I use for ps4?

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Google DNS
Primary DNS: 8.8.8.
Secondary DNS:
Primary DNS:
Primary DNS:
Primary DNS:
Primary DNS:

3. What does NW-34345-9 mean?

The PS4 NW343459 error occurs when WiFi hotspot or a home router is a weak signal. It means if your Wi-Fi or hotspot signal is weak the error NW-34345-9 appears on the screen.

4. Why does my ps4 keep dropping WIFI?

If none of them have a good connection, the problem is very likely to be your Wi-Fi.

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If still you’re facing this error you need to contact PlayStation customer.

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