PS4 Error NW-31246-6 Fixed – Updated Method

There is so many error code on the PS4. But the error code NW-31246-6 is also a major error code on the PS4. Because when the PS4 Error NW-31246-6 appears on the screen, this means DNS settings are invalid.

When the PS4 is unable to connect to the internet this error code also appears on the popup screen. And it shows that the DNS setting is invalid so the PS4 won’t connect to the internet.

Here I’m trying to provide all the possible methods to solve the error code NW-31246-6. Just you need to follow every step to fix the error code.

PS4 Error NW-31246-6 Fixed

First, you need to know what is NW-31246-6 and why it comes on the screen when you turn on your PS4 or want to play a game on your PS4. The error code NW-31246-6 means PS4 DNS settings are invalid or configured incorrectly. There are so many users who want to configure their PS4 DNS settings but sometimes they gonna does mistake and this error code is generated.


This error code not only appears due to PS4 DNS settings but sometimes it appears when there is a problem on the router. So you need to check both of them to fix the error code. Here is the process to fix them. All the steps are very simple, but you need to follow them step by step to fix them permanently.

Method 1: Hard Reset Router Settings


First, you need to plug in the power cable in turn on the router properly, then press the reset button which appears on the back of the router. According to the different brand router, there may be the reset button can be another side.

When you press the reset button it’s not reset immediately. To hard reset router follow the below steps:

  • Turn on the router properly and press the reset button using a pin or if it appears on the front side just press it for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • When it reset to the default settings there will blink all the lights on the router, then leave it.
  • Wait for some time when the router will turn on properly configure it, like set the desired name and secure it (change the password).
  • After configuring the router settings check if the error code NW-31246-6 is fixed or not.

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If the error code still not fixed, you need to follow the second method to fix this error. Because sometimes it happens due to wrong PS4 DNS settings.

Method 2: Manually Configure DNS Servers

dns servers
dns servers

There are a lot of PS4 forums when PS4 users had asked the questions but still, they cannot find the exact solution of the error code which they’re facing. The error code NW-31246-6 occurs when DNS settings are not configured correctly of entered wrong DNS value on the settings.

In the PS4 DNS settings, if there will be a mistake only one digit of number there’ll be created a new problem. So, always be careful when configured the DNS servers for your PS4. When you configure the PS4 DNS settings correctly you never face this error code. But sometimes it occurs due to router settings.

When the error code NW-31246-6 appears on the popup screen your PS4 cannot able to connect to the internet due to PS4 DNS is configured incorrectly.

To fix this error code you just have to go into your PS4’s Internet settings and configure DNS!

How to Setup PS4 IP Address to Static IP – Best Method

Here are the basic steps:

  • First go to Settings > Network > Set up Internet connection
  • Choose Wi-Fi or LAN depending on your connection (choose Wi-Fi if you’re using Wi-Fi or choose LAN if you’re using an ethernet cable). Plug into your router and use wired when the wi-fi is not working.
  • Choose Custom Setup
  • Run through all the settings as they are without changing them until you get DNS settings
  • For DNS settings, switch to Manual
  • Enter this Google DNS server:

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

  • You can also use other free DNS servers; here are two common pairs:
    • Cloudflare DNS – Primary Secondary
    • Open the DNS Primary Secondary
  • Here is the list of all free Best DNS servers for PS4.
  • If you already use your own pairs of DNS servers and experience this error, then try switching to a different pair of manual servers, or even switching back to automatic for the DNS settings.

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FAQs on PS4 Error NW-31246-6

1. How do I fix error NW 31246 6?

Configure PS4 DNS settings correctly to fix the error code.

2. What does it mean when you have a DNS error?

This error indicates that you‘ve been unable to look up the IP address for a domain that youre trying to access.

3. What causes a DNS error?

If there is a DNS error you cannot be able to connect to the internet. DNS errors occur essentially because you’re unable to connect to an IP address, signaling that you may have lost network or internet access. DNS stands for Domain Name System. In other words, the DNS translates your web domain name into an IP address and vice versa.

4. What does it mean when a DNS server Cannot be used?

If you face such a problem like the DNS server cannot be used, it means the DNS server is temporarily unavailable or your computer’s firewall is blocking DNS servers or your browser settings are blocking the DNS servers.

5. How can I reset my DNS server?

To Flush your DNS & reset your TCP/IP
Open command prompt as an administrator
Right-click on Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.
Type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter
Type netsh int ip reset.
Once done, restart your computer

6. What does DNS server mean?

DNS server is a computer server that contains a database of public IP addresses and their associated hostnames, and in most cases serves to resolve, or translate, those names to IP addresses as requested. DNS servers run special software and communicate with each other using special protocols.

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If still, you’re facing the same problem you need to contact your ISP because sometimes it occurs due to your IP address is blocked by PlayStation or you can contact PlayStation customer.

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