[Solved] PS4 Error Code NW-31205-1 Fixed

PS4 error code NW-31205-1 is the error that occurs when the ps4 console has no internet connection at the moment. The error might occur when the console cannot find the internet connection or the connection is weak and fluctuation of the network. The error message appears like “Connection to server failed“. The other reason might be the game server is temporarily unavailable.

PS4 Error Code NW-31205-1

You might be getting the error code NW-32105-1 some times or continuously when you try to connect the game with its server. Most of the games that need internet access to run bring this error. Some times the game’s server is temporarily unavailable for a short period of time. You can check the status of the game’s server on the games website. PS4 error code NW-31205-1 indicates a network error while the connection is too buys or weak. There are many ways to fix this error, and we have provided the best and 100% accurate method that will be applied by our expert team to find the solving method of PS4 Error code NW-31205-1.


Reasons for NW-31205-1

Reasons for NW-31205-1
Reasons for NW-31205-1

There are many reasons behind the NW-31205-1 error code. Some of the main reasons for the NW-31205-1 error code are given below.

  • The Game Server is temporarily unavailable.
  • Weak and unstable WiFi connection.
  • DNS might be unavailable.
  • PS4 firmware needs an update.
  • Network system down.

How to Fix PS4 Error Code NW-31205-1?

You can fix PS4 Error Code NW-31205-1 by using these methods that are given below:

  • Configuring the network settings
  • Checking the internet connection

Configuring the network settings

Configuring the network settings
Configuring the network settings

PS4 Error Code NW-31205-1” may be occurred by the local connection (Home network). Make sure you copy this information in order to solve the problem. We need to check the configuration including the public IP address and DNS configuration.
1. Configuring PS4 Network Settings

  • Go to settings >> Network >> View connection status.
  • Note all the information of:
    IP address
  • Now let’s change the network information
  • Go to Settings >> Network >> Set Up Internet Connection.
  • If you have used wireless connection the select Wifi else selects Lan for cable connection.
  • After that go to custom
  • Input all the information i.e IP address, Gateway, and Subnet. Replace the last three digits of the IP address from 100 to 254.
  • Change the DNS address. Choose the fastest DNS like Google DNS, Cloud flare DNS or check the recommended Super Fastest DNS Servers for PS4 – 2020
    Google DNS: Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
  • Leave everything; MTU settings and Proxy server as the same.
  • Thus, Test your connection and try to connect the games.

2. Checking the internet Connection:
PS4 depends on your ISP connection. This issue is caused by your home network or Lan network to make sure you need to follow given instructions. While the error occurs by the internet connection failure, so, contacting the ISP is the best option to get the remedy of this problem as soon as possible. To make sure the error is from ISP follow the given instructions:

  • Hard reset the console and the modem router, maybe cache problem.
  • If thee PS4 console is connected via WiFi then make sure you have got a strong WiFi connection. Check the ethernet cable, better to use fiber wired connection to get a faster connection.
  • Change the WiFi password.
  • Make a call complaint to the ISP.
  • Check the status of the game server on the game’s official website and try again later.

3. PS4 System Update
Some times the firmware may cause the error NW-31205-1. Make sure you have the latest version of PS4 firmware. PS4 cannot connect to the latest server when you have old version firmware installed. The latest version of firmware includes more ports (TCP). To update the latest version follow these instructions:

  • Go to system and System update
  • Check for system update follow all the procedures.

FAQs on PS4 Error NW-31205-1

1. Can’t connect to PlayStation Networ?

Can’t connect to PlayStation Network ” is the error code NW-31205-1.

2. How do I fix error NW 31205-1 on ps4?

You can fix PS4 error NW-31205-1 by following the above instructions wisely.

3. Is the PSN network down?

Yes, the error is caused by the network. So, the network down affects. No, all PlayStation Network services appear to be up and running across all devices. The last time the network claimed any issues was on Nov. 2 where players reported problems with social features and online gaming sections.

4. How long does it take for PlayStation maintenance?

It might take about two hours.

5. Why does my PlayStation 4 keep saying an error has occurred?

Because your network connection is slow and weak that couldn’t handle the PS4 server.

6. How do I fix my ps4 connection problem?

You can fix your PS4 connection problem by following the instruction provided above. Or check your configuration, DNS, so on.

7. How do I reset my network settings on ps4?

To restore system software to its default settings, go (Settings) > [Initialization] > [Restore Default Settings], and then follow the on-screen instructions. [Note: Make sure you have a backup of your games, gameplay, screenshot files. Once it gets reset you will never restore it back.]

8. Is 5GHz better for gaming?

When faster speed is important to you then, 5GHZ is important. Whereas the wireless range is important then, 2.4 GHz is usually important than 5GHz.

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