PS4 Error NW-31194-8 Fixed [Working Method]

After PlayStation updated their firmware on 2.0 many PS4 users can’t able to login to their PS4 account or facing the error NW-31194-8. I’m also one of the PS4 users and I faced yesterday the same problem. This error NW-31194-8 is a little big problem and the engineers are not able to find the permanent solution to this problem.

PS4 NW-31194-8 Fixed

Many PS4 users are not able to get back online because they aren’t able to login into their PS4 account. If you know how to operate the MTU settings you can easily solve the problem. If you don’t know I recommend you read carefully this post and I swear you-you’ll be saying thanks to me for the solution of NW-31194-8.

PS4 NW-31194-8
PS4 NW-31194-8

I found somewhere this question and know he/she is really in a problem. Then I started to search the solution for PS4 Error NW-31194-8.

Since the maintenance period last weekend, I’ve not been able to sign back into the PlayStation network. when I try to do so I am faced with this error (NW-31194-8) I also get another error code on the sign-in when I try in test connection.

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I have called PlayStation and provided them with the details needed. ( they wanted extra details eg nat type etc so that they could forward to their appropriate department) their reply was pretty much your IP address is not blocked and if the problems continue to call your isp.

I called my isp (southern phone) and they said that they can only help with internet problems and not with the problems regarding sign in on my ps4.
I can get onto the PlayStation network fine on my ps3, website, and iPhone app but not on the ps4. So, here I am stuck not being able to connect to the PlayStation network on my ps4. I have also tried changing the MTU to 1470-1479 but with no success. do you guys know of any other fixes?

This is a little big problem for PS4 users. Because if the user cannot be able to log in to the PS4 account he isn’t able to play any of the games on the PS4 console. And he’s going to be frustrated because if you buy something at $100 but you cannot able to use that product, you also gonna be frustrated. So, I hardly searched for the solution for the error code of NW-31194-8.

Cause of NW-31194-8

This error code came up when you updated the PS4 system firmware software on 2.0 Sony company released the 2.0 firmware version of PS4. But when the company released the new firmware there are created the error code and many of PS4 users are not get back online after they updated the firmware 2.0 software.

The PS4 error NW-31194-8 also appears when the PlayStation Server Network is not online or maintenance break. So, first, you need to confirm that the PSN is online and not on the maintenance break. You can easily check the PSN is online or not from here:

Solution of NW-31194-8

If you already checked the PlayStation server and the server is correctly online and there is not maintenance break you should check your PS4 hardware device and also check the router. There is one another reason sometimes we gamers are crazy in playing games and we don’t want to turn off PS4 or the router even 1 minute.

At that time the hardware going to totally hanged. So, in that situation, you need to correctly turn off the PS4 and router then unplug all the cables for 10-15 minutes. Then re-assemble the PS4 and the router then Test Internet Connection.

NW-31194-8 – Test Internet Connection
NW-31194-8 – Test Internet Connection

Then follow the below steps:

Method 1

  • Turn Off your PS4.
  • Press hold onto the PS4 power button for 8-10 seconds (After hearing the second “Beep” let go of the power button and so the PS4 starts in Safe Mode. Here is the full article on how to Access Safe Mode?
  • Choose the 4th option on the Safe mode menu (Default Settings).
  • Turn off the PS4 again and reboot in the “Safe Mode Rebuild Database“.
  • Connect the PS4 to the Internet and go to Settings then View Network Status and Choose IP Address. (Copy or Memorize the IP Address Written)
  • Go to Router Configuration.
  • Go to Advanced Settings, NAt, DMZ Host and write the IP Address you memorized and then choose to Apply/ Save.

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Method 2

Open Settings from home screen and follow these steps:

  • In the option How do you want to connect to the network? You should choose first Use WiFi>Custom then choose your network and connect.
NW-31194-8 – SetUp Internet Connection
  • Your IP Address should be Automatic then in DHCP Host Name choose Do Not Specify.
NW-31194-8 – IP Address
NW-31194-8 – DHCP Host Name
  • This option little critical so be careful and in DNS Settings you can choose Automatic but now I choose Manual.
NW-31194-8 – DNS Settings
  • Then you need to change the Primary DNS & Secondary DNS as below:

Primary DNS: 

Secondary DNS


 Primary DNS: 

Secondary DNS:

  • Then on MTU choose Manual and you can try to change MTU settings to 1474 or 1473 or 1450 from the default 1500 and check if the issue is resolved or not.
NW-31194-8 – MTU
  • After changing MTU click on Next and in the option Proxy Server select Do Not Specify.
  • Then Test Internet Connection.
NW-31194-8 – Internet Connection Complete

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FAQs on PS4 NW-31194-8

1. How do I fix error code NW 31194 8?

The error NW-31194-8 occurs when the PSN is down. So you need to check the server first to fix this problem.

2. Is PlayStation network down right now?

To check PSN (PlayStation Network) status click here: PlayStation Network Maintenance – PSN Down?

If you follow the above instructions step by step the error NW-31194-8 must be solved. And if it is not solved you need to contact the PlayStation Customer Support.

Write down your comment your problem solved or not.

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