PS4 Error NP-31980-1 Fixed | Easy Method

The PS4 Error NP-31980-1 occurs when you’re trying to join the session. It means the host may be full or you’re not allowed to join them. The error NP-31980-1 will not be allowing you to join the host. There is no way to get in and you’ll get the error code on your PS4. There is no solution from PlayStation.


There are not so many reasons behind this error code. You have to solve this error code yourself just using a method. When you get the error code on your PS4, you need to wait to end the session and try to join the session.

PS4 Error NP-31980-1

Before fix this error code you need to know why the error NP-31980-1 occurs. The error code occurs when the quest is completely full. There are no way to get in it. The hosted session is full and there is no more seat for anyone.

In this situation you need to wait for ending the session or you can join other session. The error NP-31980-1 occurs when the hosted session is completely full and the admin of the host is not allowing to join new participant.

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Reason for PS4 Error NP-31980-1

Here is all the possible reasons for PS4 Error NP-31980-1, you can find the reason and can easily know the error details. This error code prevent the PS4 user to join the new session. They can’t play the game in the session.

Check the reasons:

  • The hosted session is full.
  • Maybe you’re not allowed to join them.
  • The host admin does not allow you to join them now.
  • Maybe you’re late to join this session.

Solution for PS4 Error NP-31980-1

Every problem has a solution, it means the error NP-31980-1 also has a perfect solution. This error code is not so big a problem but when you’re not eligible to join in time the error maybe have a big issue. So, I’m here to fix the error right now.

If you’ll apply the below steps the error code NP-31980-1 solve.

  • Create the host yourself.
  • Be an admin of the session.
  • Join the quest at first.

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FAQs on PS4 Error NP-31980-1

1. What is the error NP-31980-1 mean?

This error code mean the quest is full and you’re not allowed to join the quest right now.

2. Can I join the quest again?

Yes, you can but you need to wait the quest start again.

3. How to fix PS4 error NP-31980-1?

You need to follow the above details to fix this error code easily.

4. Can I create the quest myself?

Yes, of course, you can easily create the quest and be the admin of the quest session.

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