PS4 Error NP-31952-0 Fixed | Updated Solution

The PS4 Error NP-31952-0 means there is a problem when the PS4 user trying to join the party chat with his/ her friends. When the PS4 error party chat problems appear on the screen the PS4 user cannot able to join party chat or cannot able to listen to his/ her friend’s voice clearly.

PS4 party chat error
PS4 Party chat error

The error NP-31952-0 is very frustrating because of when the PS4 user ready to play a game with his/ her friends but party chat is not working properly. The user tries to reboot his/ her PS4 and still face the same problem.

PS4 Error NP-31952-0

There is no fixed solution to the error from the side of PlayStation, so I’m here to sharing my experience and sharing the possible ideas with you to fix the error code.

There are so many reasons to occur the PS4 error NP-31952-0 on your screen. I’m writing here all the possible reasons and solutions to solve this error.

Yesterday I was planned to play Call of Duty with my friend on the party chat but when we’re ready to play the game on the PS4, my friend create party chat and I joined the party chat. But when he invites me we are connected for approximately 1 minute, I can hear him 90% of the time however he can only hear me 50% of the time!

Then I tell him the problem but still, I’m facing the same problem. But after some time I fix the error NP-31952-0 completely and again we play the game.

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Reason of the PS4 Error NP-31952-0

Before fixing the error NP-31952-0 you must know why the error occurs when you’re going to play a game on your PS4. Without knowing the problem you cannot able to fix any error on your PS4. There are so many users almost 95% users of the PS4 they use party chat when playing games. Without party chat, they never play a game. But sometimes the error NP-31952-0 occurs and they cannot able to use the feature of party chat.

  • If there is a slow internet connection.
  • Your bandwidth might be full.
  • There are so many devices are connected with your modem/ router.
  • Sometimes PSN server is under maintenance or the PSN server is down.

Solution of the PS4 Error NP-31952-0

Solution for party chat error
Solution for party chat error

Now, you know the reason for the error NP-31952-0. After knowing the error why the error appears on the screen you can easily fix it. Now, just you need to follow the below steps to fix the error PS Error NP-31952-0.

  • Check your internet connection and its speed.
  • Try to consume low bandwidth.
  • If there are connected so many devices with your modem/ router, try to disconnect them all and try again.
  • Try to change your router’s password and use only on PS4, if this works you need to increase your internet speed.
  • If the router is not restarted for a long time, try to turn off completely and wait for 5 minutes then start the router again.
  • If your Wi-Fi connection is weak try once using the Ethernet cable on your PS4 and play the game if it works.
  • Check your internet connection status of the PS4 in [Settings] > [Network] > [Test Internet Connection].

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FAQs on PS4 NP-31952-0

1. What is the PS4 Error NP-31952-0 means?

The error NP-31952-0 means you cannot able to use the feature of party chat on the PS4 properly.

2. How do I fix the error NP-31952-0?

You need to follow the above steps to fix the error code.

3. Does it necessary to join party chat when playing games on PS4?

It is not necessary to join party chat when playing games on PS4, but some PS4 users are never play a game without party chat.

4. Can I use the party chat feature on the slow internet connection?

Yes, you can but there may generate the error NP-31952-0 because of the slow internet connection.

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