How to Find Hildegard’s Husband Location in For The King 2? [Updated]

For The King 2 features numerous chapters with quest objectives that players must complete to earn rewards and progress the storyline. However, often these objectives lack clear indications on how to accomplish them.

This is particularly true when assisting Hildegard in finding her husband during Chapter 1 – The Resistance. This guide will provide insights on where to locate Hildegard’s husband in For The King 2.

While completing quest objectives is essential for progression in For The King 2, the exact path to follow is not always evident. Finding Hildegard’s husband serves as a prime example of such challenges.

The King 2

For The King 2 stands as an impressive tabletop RPG, showcasing captivating game design and vibrant graphics. Crafted by Iron Oak Games, this game encompasses everything from dungeons, turns, and combat to loot, events, and a beautifully crafted narrative.

Within the game, you encounter a quest tasking you with finding Hildegard’s Husband. Certain prerequisites must be met before embarking on this quest, and until you fulfill them all, the husband remains elusive. In this guide, we will provide insights into Where to Find Hildegard’s Husband in For The King 2.

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What’s preventing me from locating Hildegard’s Husband in For The King 2?

As mentioned earlier, the quest fails to provide the accurate location of Hildegard’s Husband. Even upon accepting the quest, the marker directs you to a location where he is not present.

During this phase, the quest is, in fact, offering clues to find something else. You need to follow these clues and utilize them to reach Hildegard’s Husband. Let’s delve into the specifics below.

Where can you locate Hildegard’s Husband in For The King 2?

To locate Hildegard’s Husband, begin by finding the Overturned Wagon at the location indicated by the quest marker. Investigate the wagon by placing a party member or adventurer in that spot.

After liberating the prisoner from the cart during The Resistance, you gain free roam in the area. Continue exploring until you come across an overturned wagon distinct from the prisoner cart. This wagon is situated in the Foothills area of the map.

If you encounter difficulty spotting it, consider using Vision Scrolls or Find Distance items to gain insights into your surroundings. These items can be acquired from town shops, dropped by enemies, or equipped on specific characters like the Scholar. Utilize any of these items to scrutinize the Foothills.

Persist in exploring the Foothills until you discover the broken wagon. Once located, designate one of your party members to investigate it. There is no battle involved, so the entire party need not be mobilized. Upon investigation, you will receive information about the Bandit Camp’s exact location, where Hildegard’s husband is being held captive. Liberate him from the camp to fulfill this objective.

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FAQ on How to Find Hildegard’s Husband Location in For The King 2?

1. Is For the King 2 better than 1?

Definitely, upgraded version is better than old version. Most of player’s experience For the King 2 introduces valuable variety with improved models, diverse environments, and entertaining adventures.

2. Is For the King 2 four player?

Traverse Fahrul solo or with up-to three friends in four-player co-op.

3. Can I replay the quest to find Hildegard’s husband in For the King 2?

Regrettably, For The King 2 lacks a replay feature for quests. Once a quest is completed, you move forward to the next segment of the story.

4. Can I use the same strategy for finding Hildegard’s husband in different chapters?

The steps detailed are applicable to Chapter 1 – The Resistance. Different chapters may feature distinct quests and locations.

5. Where do I find Hildegard’s husband in For the King 2?

You can find Hildegard’s husband in the Foothills area, close to an overturned wagon. Explore this region after liberating the prisoner in The Resistance chapter.

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