How to Get Cinnabar in Wandering Sword?

The Wandering Sword stands out as a symbol of distinction in the gaming world, celebrated for its unique design and impressive capabilities. This exceptional weapon has captivated players globally, emerging as an emblem of strength and skill.

With roots tracing back to a mystical forge, the Wandering Sword is rich in lore. Tales abound of skilled blacksmiths who meticulously fashioned it from rare materials infused with magical properties.

Its odyssey across diverse realms and epic battles has only deepened its mystique, establishing it as a coveted artifact among daring adventurers.

Cinnabar in Wandering Sword

Wandering Sword unfolds as an RPG game where players assume the role of a young swordsman entangled in a feud. Escaping the clutches of these tumultuous events sets them on a journey to master the highest form of martial arts. Players embark on an exploration of the pugilistic world with the aim of becoming a revered hero.

Achieving greatness as a martial artist involves learning various skills and leveling up in alchemy. To enhance their Alchemy level, players must seek out and collect elusive Cinnabar materials, a task that can prove challenging. This guide provides insights into obtaining Cinnabar in Wandering Sword.

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How to Get Cinnabar in Wandering Sword?

To locate Cinnabar for leveling up in alchemy, players should venture to the specified area and follow these steps:

  1. Visit Petalsfall Forest, where players can acquire some Cinnabar.
  2. Explore Tiger Roar Mountain, a location offering 3 Cinnabar each time.
  3. While there is a single Cinnabar at the bottom of the precipice, the time investment makes it less worthwhile.
  4. For a reliable source of common materials, complete a quest in Nanyu Village, situated at the far southwest end of the map.
  5. Upon completing the quest, players gain access to the village mineral cave, where they can farm until their stamina depletes.
  6. Keep in mind that the materials obtained in the cave, including rocks, Cinnabar, iron, jade, gold, Coldiron ore, black gold ore, etc., are randomly generated.

That covers the essentials on How to Get Cinnabar in Wandering Sword. If you found this guide helpful, explore our website for more guides on Wandering Sword, Lies of P, Starfield, and other games.

FAQ on How to Get Cinnabar in Wandering Sword?

1. How to Get Cinnabar in Wandering Sword?

Check the guide above.

2. What is Cinnabar in Wandering Sword?

Cinnabar is the middle gate who give access to the players.

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