Fastest DNS Servers For PS5 [Updated] 2024

The DNS server is the most important part of PS5. Free & fast DNS servers for PS5 is now available in this post. It’ll help to increase internet performance on PS5. Google DNS PS5 also very good for PS5. There is so many DNS provider in the market but the Google DNS is publicly free and also it is the fastest DNS server. DNS (Domain Name System) translates the domain name in which you enter into a browser into the IP addresses required to access the website.

With the help of DNS, we can access any of the websites on a browser. We’re human and humans can remember the alphabetic names but can’t able to remember numeric digits. So, with the help of DNS, we don’t need to remember the numeric number (IP address) of the websites. When you enter a website name on a browser DNS will translate it and open a frontend website into the browser.

Free & Fast DNS Servers For PS5

From the side of PlayStation, they’re not providing any free DNS for their PS5 user. The PS5 console user searches and get themselves the free or premium DNS. There are a lot of ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the market. Every ISP has a different speed because they’re using different bandwidth providers. If your internet speed is not good you can switch it to another ISP or you can consult with them.

If your internet connection is working good you don’t need to change the DNS server. But if your internet connection is not working properly on you can try to change the DNS server to the Google DNS PS5. When you change your PS5 DNS, try to check the internet speed from the settings of the PS5 and try once to play the game on your PS5. You can change the DNS from your PS5 settings or click here for a full guide.

Today I’ll write here the top 10 working DNS for PS5 including Google DNS PS5. This will help you to increase the internet connection speed on your PS5. I already write above if your internet connection is good and working properly please don’t change your DNS. It’ll decrease your internet connection on your PS5. Every user wants to get the very fastest internet speed but it’s not possible because there are billions of internet users and everyone trying to get the fastest internet speed on their device.

But you can try the different methods to get the fastest internet speed. Even you can also change your ISP (Internet Service Provider), but this not the permanent solution for every PS5 user. If you changed your ISP and the next ISP provider also provides you the same internet speed its not good for you. So, try to search for the proper solution to get the proper solution.

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Benefits of Free & Fast DNS Servers For PS5

Without getting any benefits no one does any work. So, changing the DNS for PS5 also has some benefits for PS5 users. Here are some special benefits to changing the DNS server for PS5.

  • Ping and amount of packet loss get reduced.
  • Improves the speed of web-page loading.
  • High-end security and protection.
  • Nearby DNS servers help to increase network speed.

Free & Fast DNS Servers for PS5 List

Here is the top free & fast DNS servers for PS5 2024. The

DNS ProviderPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
Google DNS8.
OpenDNS Home208.67.222.222208.67.220.220
Verisign DNS64.6.64.664.6.65.6
AdGuard DNS176.103.130.130176.103.130.131
AdGuard DNS176.103.130.130176.103.130.131
Open NIC23.94.60.240128.52.130.209
Comodo Secure DNS8.

These are the best and fastest DNS server provider for PS5 in 2020. You can easily use their DNS server on your PS5. One thing keeps in your mind that on every PS5 the same DNS will not work properly. So, every PS5 user needs to try the different DNS servers on their PS5.

FAQs on Free & Fast DNS Servers For PS5

What is the fastest DNS server for PS5?

Fastest DNS server for PS5 is a way to fast your PS5 server and help you to play a game smoothly.

Is 1.1 1.1 or 8.8 8.8 faster?

While Google’s 8.8. 8.8 DNS server is more popular, according to DNSPerf, Cloudflare’s 1.1. 1.1 DNS server is faster.

Does PS5 use IPv6?

PS5 supports IPv6, but it doesn’t support IPv6-only network connections. 

Is DNS good for gaming?

In conclusion DNS is good for gaming because it decreases the lag of the gaming server.

Which DNS is safe?

Google and Cloudflare public DNS are safest DNS ever.

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