Fastest DNS for PS4 2020 – Best DNS

Fastest DNS for PS4

Fastest DNS for PS4
Fastest DNS for PS4 (Image Source: Video Game Stack)

Did you notice that your internet speed is slow when you’re using it on your PS4 and other devices are good? Of course not because many of the users didn’t know about DNS servers. Many of the PS4 users know about DNS but they don’t know how it works? and how to use it? So, we’re here to solve the problem of the DNS server problem and listed here the Fastest DNS for PS4.

Sometimes my internet connection is very slow on my PS4 but at the same time, the internet speed is very good on the other devices. This is very heartbreaking because another player playing the game smoothly but my internet connection was interrupted.

In this situation, all the people think that this is the ISPs (Internet Service Provider) fault but actually sometimes this is the fault of bad DNS configuration on our PS4 console. Don’t worry I’ll give you the full information that how to make internet fast on your PS4 and how to use DNS on your PS4. Just you need to follow all the steps by step as I write below:

Fastest DNS Servers List

ProviderPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
Cloudflare DNS1.
DNS Advantage156.154.70.1156.154.71.1
OpenDNS Home208.67.220.220208.67.222.222
Alternate DNS198.101.242.7223.253.163.53
Comodo Secure DNS8.

Most of the PS4 users don’t know how to change DNS? How to choose better DNS for PS4? Where can I find DNS for PS4? etc. and they still playing games on the default DNS. And the default DNS is never faster than the above-listed DNS.

What is a DNS Server?

DNS (Domain Name Server) contains the IP address of the collection of the websites corresponding with the human-readable hostnames because humans cannot remember the individual IP addresses of the Websites. People can easily remember any of the websites but they cannot able to remember the IP address because the website name contains alpha-numeric and the IP address contains only numeric. So, it is difficult to remember the numeric hostnames.

For Example, a website has an IP address ( and its corresponding hostname is  ( Human can Remember ( but it’s very hard to remember in numbers. DNS Helps to Establish the connection between the human Readable address Called Domain and Computer Readable Address called IP address.

Disadvantage of Using Default DNS Servers

Actually, most of the people don’t know how to change the default DNS server on PS4 and they still using default DNS servers. Everyone wants the fastest internet connection on their device because they pay for it. If the user didn’t receive the quality internet connection speed which he/ she might deserve on their PS4 console it is worthless. Here are some disadvantages of using default DNS Servers.

  • Slow connection and lagging while playing the game.
  • Low Gaming Experience with low ping this will Result from End of the Game on Starting.
  • On Multiplayer game you can Die or  Stuck in the middle of the Game due to Disconnection of the internet.
  • High ping on the PS4 but on the other devices connection is better than PS4.

How to Change DNS Server on PS4?

If you’re new on this field that how to change the DNS server? Please read first and then try to change DNS on your PS4 otherwise your PS4 gonna be damage. Follow all the steps to change the DNS Server on your PS4:

  • Go to the Home page of your PS4 and open settings.
PS4 Settings
PS4 Settings
  • Now select Network from the list.
Network Settings
Network Settings
  • Then choose Set Up Internet Connection
Set Up Internet Connection
Set Up Internet Connection
  • While Making a Setup the Fastest DNS for PS4 you will get both connection type option for internet connection LAN and WAN. Many of the users are getting confused on this Either use LAN or WAN both the procedure are the Same.
Set Up Internet Connection LAN Wi-Fi
Set Up Internet Connection LAN Wi-Fi
  • After selecting the option LAN or Wi-Fi choose custom. If you’ll choose Easy you cannot find all the features like on Custom. After choosing Custom you’ll found all the changing options for Fastest DNS for PS4.
Set Up Internet Connection Easy Custom
Set Up Internet Connection Easy Custom
  • After choosing Custom you’ll see there three options, Automatic, Manual and PPPoE. From the listed you need to choose Manual for Best DNS server for PS4.
Set Up Internet Connection Automatic, Manual, PPPoE
Set Up Internet Connection Automatic, Manual, PPPoE
  • This is the final step to Configure DNS server for ps4.
    • IP Address
    • Subnet Mask
    • Default Gateway
    • Primary DNS
    • Secondary DNS
DNS server for ps4
DNS server for ps4
  • Many users don’t know about these settings and they got confused about settings up this section. I recommend you just leave this setting on automatic if you don’t know what is the Value required for your connection. MTU ( Maximum Transmission Unit) This is the Largest amount of the Data packet size that will be transmitted through your network. The Values start from 69-1500. The most widely used packet ranges from 600- 1499 because this is accepted by the TCP protocol ( Transmission control protocol).
MTU Settings
MTU Settings
  • You can also add the proxy setting while setting your internet for the Fastest DNS forPS4. Now you have done setup completely but if you need better performance you can also add a proxy server while setting up PS4 DNS Server. 
PS4 DNS Proxy Server
PS4 DNS Proxy Server
  • Finally, everything is completely finished. If these settings work for you don’t forget to comment on this problem is solved by you or not if not we will try to solve your problem again. Now the final step is only to Test the connection please check your connection that its working or not.
PS4 Internet Connection Test
PS4 Internet Connection Test

Common Questions and Answer on Fastest DNS for PS4

Which DNS server is the fastest?

The best and fasted DNS server is the Google DNS Server. I also recommend you because I’m also using Google DNS when playing online games on my PS4.

Does changing the DNS server increase speed?

Changing the DNS server helps to boost up the time your server takes to resolve the domain name. But it’s not going to change the download and upload speed of your internet connection.

Is changing DNS safe?

Yes, of course, it is safe to change DNS servers. But you need to change your DNS servers to trusted DNS servers. Above I listed some trusted DNS servers which you can easily use.

Is Cloudflare DNS good for gaming?

Cloudflare DNS is the best because it supports TLS and DNS-OVER-HTTPS. It is also best for gaming and Cloudflare DNS is faster more than Google DNS. Also, it’s overall performance such as Browsing, Downloading, Uploading, Gaming, Uploading, Streaming very good. Over the summary, Cloudflare DNS is good for gaming.

What is the fastest DNS server in the UK?

Google DNS and Cloudflare dns server is the fastest DNS server in the UK.

What DNS should I use ps4?

Your can use Google, Level 3, OpenDNS, OpenNIC DNS.

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  1. My ps4 has frequently disconnects me from the network. I believe it’s the dns server. Any recommendation or thoughts of what to use and do?

    • For better performance, I recommend you use Google DNS. Because google DNS is free worldwide and it’s best for PS4.

  2. Thankyou now I have the fastest connection and I’m rolling with the OP ping while gameplay Fastest DNS server for PS4


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