[Solved] PS4 Error CE-42747-4 | Step By Step Guide

The error CE-42747-4 occurs when you’re trying to sign in on PlayStation. The PS4 system needs updates required, so the error CE-42747-4 appears on the screen. When the PlayStation released the updated firmware but still you don’t update your PS4, you may face this error on your PS4 screen.


Everything needs an update with the latest version and also security updates according to time. PlayStation released its latest updates when they fix some bugs or something adds new features to it. You must update your PS4 firmware before connecting to PlayStation.

PS4 Error CE-42747-4

Sony always trying to give the best result to their user. So, they always trying to fix the bugs on the PlayStation console. PlayStation console is the best gaming console in the world developed by Sony. But one thing they never give the solution for those error code which appears on the PS4 during playing a game.

But don’t worry we’re here to fix all those errors which appear on the PlayStation console during playing a game. I’ll write here all the possible methods to fix the error CE-42747-4. Apply all the method to fix the error if one method is not works.

Reason for CE-42747-4

The main reason for the error CE-42747-4 is the PS4 firmware update required. But sometimes this error occurs due to other reasons too.

  • Maybe your PS4’s firmware id outdated.
  • The internet connection is not working properly.
  • Maybe the DNS server is not working on your PS4.

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Solution for CE-42747-4

After fixing this error you’ll able to connect PlayStation (sign in) to your console. Without fix this error code you cannot able to connect your PS4 console with PlayStation Network. Let’s start to fix this error and play a game on your PS4 console.

Method 1: Update PS4 Firmware

PS4 Firmware Update
PS4 Firmware Update

The main reason to appears the error PS4 Error CE-42747-4 is your PS4’s firmware is outdated. It means Sony released a new version of PS4 firmware software but still you doesn’t update PS4 firmware.

On the new version of firmware there are so many bugs are fixed and it’ll help to play a game smoothly. Also you’ll get updates of other games also.

When you update your PS4 firmware, the system will perform like a new console. It means when you update your PS4 console it is repaired internally.

You can update your PS4 automatically using the internet. Or you can download the firmware and install it on your PS4.

Here is the full guide how to download PS4 firmware and how to install PS4 firmware.

Method 2: Check Your Internet Connection

Check Internet Connection
Check Internet Connection

The error code CE-42747-4 occurs when the internet connection is now working. It means there are no internet access on your router or your PS4 is not getting internet access.

In this situation you need to check your internet connection before go to search any other solution for this error code. Sometimes the internet is working on other devices but on the PS4 the internet is not working. It means there is something wrong with the username and password of the router.

  • Check the username and password of the Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure no one changes the password of that Wi-Fi.
  • Try to check once using the ethernet cable.
  • Make sure in the router, the connected devices are not exceeded.
  • Try to ask your ISP if the bandwidth is not full.

Method 3: Change DNS Settings

Change DNS Settings
Change DNS Settings

The error CE-42747-4 occurs sometime due to DNS error. There are everything is right but there is a problem with the DNS settings may happen the error code CE-42747-2.

You need try to change the DNS settings on your PS4 console. It’ll also fix this error if there is a problem with your DNS settings.

If you don’t know how to change DNS settings click here for full guide.

Final Verdict

In the final word, first, you need to update the PS4 firmware. If after updating the firmware still you face the error code you need to check the internet connection and also try to change the DNS settings of your PS4 console.

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FAQs on PS4 Error CE-42747-4

1. How do I fix error CE 32955 4?

Check the notifications center of your PS4 and delete the highlighted message from there.

2. What is the Error CE-42747-4 means?

You need to update your PS4 to fix this error.

3. Why does my ps4 sign in Fail?

There maybe your username and password is wrong.

4. How do I clear my ps4 cache?

You need to completely shut down your PS4 console for 10 minutes.

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