PS4 Error CE-41902-6 Fixed [Updated]

Today we’ll fix the PS4 Error CE-41902-6 with the best methods. Normally the error CE-41902-6 is about a Hard Disk Drive problem. The PS4 is one of the most widely available consoles in the world right now. Sony estimates a total of 120 million PS4 consoles (the fat version, the slim version, and the Pro) are in the hands of gamers. So, there are a lot of units where different types of errors can or will occur at some point. Today we are going to be fixing one such hardware error. There are multiple fixes so, we will be going all-in on this error.


What is the CE-41902-6 Error?

The CE-41902-6 is a hard disk error that comes when you plug in an external hard disk to the PS4 console. The PS4 will not identify your hard disk or flash this error on the screen. In both cases, you will not be able to open and play your games stored in the external hard disk. So, fixing this problem is very important.

Why do you need an external hard disk in a PS4?

While the PS4 does come with it’s own internal hard disk, it is not always enough. Game sizes these days have begin to cross 100 GB so, using an external hard disk becomes pretty important.

What are the different situations of the CE-41902-6 error?

There are two situations where the CE-41902-6 error can occur. Some users say that the external hard disk hasn’t worked on their PlayStation 4 from the start. Other users have said that the hard disks have stopped working suddenly. Both of these situations need their respective solutions and our goal is to provide you both sets of solutions in this article. So without any further delay, let us start!

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First Case: External Hard Disk doesn’t work with the PS4 from the Start

External Hard Disk Drive for PS4
External Hard Disk Drive for PS4

If an external hard disk hasn’t worked in your PS4 since you have bought it then the solutions we are trying to provide you may help you out. But before going into the technical solutions, you must first try out some of the simple solutions. Often times simple solutions can fix these problems. You can find a shortcut way to fix this solution on the PlayStation site but never find any full guide from them.

The first simple solution is to make sure that the external hard disk has a wired connection. Wireless hard disks are not supported by the PS4. USB wired hard disk is needed. Make sure the USB cable you are using works properly and then connect your hard disk.

We know there are multiple USB ports in the PS4. Sometimes one port may fail to recognize the hard disk. In this situation, you need to connect an external hard disk to another USB port. Ports can malfunction all the time so, something as simple as changing the port can help you out.

Check the compatibility of your hard disk. There is an only a certain hard disk that works with the PS4. Yes, not all USB hard disks work with it. But how do you know if your hard disk is supported or not? Easy! Just go to the PS4’s official website and check the requirements to determine compatibility.

You should never connect two external storage device to your PS4. The PS4 is designed to identify one one external storage device at a time. If you have already connected a hard disk then your another hard disk might not be recognized.

These were the simple fixes. If these fixes don’t work then, follow the technical fixes given below:

Method 1: Check if the Hard Disk Drive isn’t Damaged

Often times, the hard disk could be the problem and not the console. The external hard disk can get damaged and in such conditions, it may not be recognized by your PS4. But how do you check a hard disk for damage? Just connect your hard disk to a computer or a laptop. When you connect your hard disk to a computer, you will get a prompt saying that your device is ready to use.

You get this prompt when the hard disk is healthy. If you do not see this prompt. Go to disk management and use some disk repair options to fix some issues. Virus, Malware, and other software issues can be fixed with a clean format.  But if there is hardware damage to the hard disk, your hard disk will not be recognized by your computer as well. And this means that the actual fault is with the hard disk and not the  PS4.

Method 2: PS4 System Software Update

Update PS4 System Software
Update PS4 System Software

If your hard disk doesn’t have hardware damage and it is perfectly-recognized by computers and even other PS4 systems. Then, the actual problem resides with your PS4. It could have something to do with the system software. Maybe you haven’t updated the software and the older version might not work with the external hard disk.

To update the system software on a PS4, follow these steps:

  • First, make sure your PS4 is connected to the screen. Now go to the home screen
  • Go to the settings and choose the system software update.
  • If your PS4 detects any update, click next and follow the on-screen prompts to download the update.
  • When your update downloads, select the downloads to tap to install all the updates that the system has downloaded.
  • When you are done, connect the external hard disk and check if it works

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Second Case: External Hard Disk Stopped Working Suddenly on a PS4

The second case is that your external hard disk stops suddenly. Just like the first case, your external hard disk can be faulty here too. So, follow the same troubleshooting process to check if there is a hardware problem with your hard disk. If the hard disk works fine then, you can move on to apply the solutions.

Method 1: Restart your PS4

The most important rule in Information Technology is, “if it doesn’t work, restart it.” So, do restart your PS4 once. Just turn off the PS4 and switch off the power to your PS4. Let it be turned off for five minutes. Disconnect the hard disk after it is turned off. Now without any external disks connected to your system. Turn on the PS4. Turn the PS4 off again. Now connect the external hard disk and turn your console ON. If this method hasn’t fixed your issue, move on to the next fix.

Method 2: PS4 Database Rebuild

PS4 Database Rebuild
PS4 Database Rebuild

This feature can allow you to rebuild the database in your PS4. It is like a firmware fix. The PS4 will create a new database of all your PS4 content. This feature is helpful for solving corrupted data issues but it can also fix your external hard disk issue. To use this feature, you need to first start the PS4 in the safe mode.  Follow the following instructions:

  • Turn off your PS4. Once it is turned off, press and hold the power button till it beeps two times.
  • Now connect your controller to the console via a USB cable and press the PS button. Your PS4 has now successfully booted in Safe mode.
  • The final thing to do is to just select the Rebuild Database option. Press X to confirm the choice and there you are. Problem Solved!
  • Wait for a while until the process is complete. Now restart your PS4 normally and see if the problem is fixed.

Method 3: Reinstall the System Software

Reinstall the System Software
Reinstall the System Software

If every other fix did not work then this will be your last resort. You can try initialize your PS4 to it’s initial state. But this will delete all your data so, to avoid any data loss do keep a backup of your data. It will wipe your PS4’s internal hard disk. The first step for this fix is to boot the PS4 on safe mode. When you have done that, simply choose the Initialize PS4 option and that’s it. Very Easy.


This is how you can fix the CE-41902-6 error. This error is common when your console starts to age. There are multiple reasons for it as we have explained. Most of the times it’s either the software update (i.e. your PS4 isn’t up to date) or it’s cos your hard disk has hardware damage. It can be a few other reasons as well. Just follow this guide from top to bottom and maybe you will be able to find the issue and fix it (if it’s not a hardware damage).

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FAQs on PS4 Error CE-41902-6

1. How do I fix error CE 41902 6?

You must need to follow the above method to fix the error CE-41902-6.

2. Is the error CE-41902-6 is a Hard Disk Problem?

In the most cases the error CE-41902-6 is Hard Dis problem.

3. Does USB 2.0 work with PS4?

Yes, of course, USB 2.0 still perfectly work with PS4.

4. What does USB 3.0 or later mean?

The USB 3.0 is upgraded from USB 2.0 version of port. It is faster than USB 2.0, its data transfer rate is much higher than USB 2.0.

5. Will any USB 3.0 work with PS4?

Yes, of course USB 3.0 work with PS4.

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