PS4 Error CE-36244-9 Fixed [Easy Method]

The error code CE-36244-9 occurs when there are problems in the HDD or your network problem. Sony company is very popular for the feature of the PS4 gaming console. On the other hand, there are so many other gaming consoles in the market, but the PS4 console is the best and very popular gaming console.

PS4 Error CE-36244-9

PS4 Error CE-36244-9

PS4 is the leading gaming console in the world and it has so many features in it but there is also so much error that occurs when playing the game. So, we’re here to solve the errors of the PS4. Today we’re going to show you how to solve PS4 Error CE-36244-9 with small steps. Just you need to follow the below steps to solve the error CE-36244-9.

Reason for CE-36244-9


Sometimes the error code CE-36244-9 appears on the screen because the internet connection is not working. The error CE-36244-9 is a very frustrating error code because all the components are good but the error also appears. Here are some reasons to show PS4 CE-36244-9.

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  • If the downloaded file is corrupted.
  • If the internet connections are not working or the internet speed is slow.
  • Sometimes the DNS server which you’re currently using is not working.
  • The connection may be temporarily busy.
  • Previously if you’re changed or upgraded the HDD
  • If your PS4 system is not initialized.

Fix CE-36244-9

Fix CE-36244-9

After fixing successfully the error code CE-36244-9 you can easily and smoothly play the game. To fix the PS4 Error CE-36244-9 just follow the below instructions step by step.

Resume Download

  • First, properly shut down the PS4, and wait for about 5 minutes then start the PS4 and restart the download.
  • If the already downloaded file was corrupted the error code CE-36244-9 also appears on the screen.
  • If the corrupted file wad download deleted the file from the storage location then restart the download.

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Network Problem

Network Problem
  • If you’ve or you can manage another network connection then try to switch another network connection with your PS4.
  • Sometimes DNS server is down or the default DNS server is not working, so try to change the DNS server. If you don’t know to change the DNS server click here.
  • Check your internet connection, if the network is down or busy, in that situation try to contact your ISP provider or wait for when the network is up.
  • If the network connection is a busy-wait and tries again later.

HDD Problem

HDD Problem
  • Many of the PS4 users upgraded their HDD on their PS4.
  • If you changed the HDD on your PS4 or upgraded your HDD try to switch original HDD on your PS4.
  • After switch original HDD on your PS4, try to re-install the System Software.
  • If you’re not changed or upgraded your HDD, in this situation try to initialize your PS4 system. If you don’t know how to initialize PS4 click here.

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FAQs Asked on PS4 Error CE-36244-9

1. How to fix PS4 Error CE-36244-9?

Restart the PS4 then restart the download. If the error occurs again, review your local network settings. Try to change your static IP address or try to change the DNS server. If the error still appears on your screen and if you have previously upgraded or changed the HDD, try to switch to the original HDD and re-install the system software. If you don’t change or upgrade the HDD on your PS4 try to initialize your PS4.

2. What does Initialize ps4 mean?

When you initialize your PS4 all the system settings will be the default. It also called restore the system settings. It deletes data saved on system storage and deletes all users and their data from the system.

3. How to Fix Corrupted Data Error on PS4?

If your PS4 is turned on now, then completely shut down the PS4 and wait about 5-10 minutes and when the device is off the press and holds the power button. The PS4 will now boot into “Safe Mode”. Connect a DualShock 4 controller with a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller. Select the option “Rebuild Database”. Wait for the process to complete then restart the PS4. Here is the complete guide for Rebuild Database.

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