PS4 Error CE-35694-7 Fixed [Easy Method]

The PlayStation is a very popular gaming console. It’s very much popular worldwide. And it’s products are expensive and high quality. If you want to heartily feel the game you must need to by PS4.

PS4 Error CE-35694-7

If you’ve already bought the PS4 and you’re facing the PS4 Error CE-35694-7 on you PS4. This is the error code that your PS4 gaming console has reached the limit of the hard disk.


Many users think that 500GB’s HDD is perfect for their PS4. But when it’s not right because when you’re trying to download the game from the PlayStation store. There are showing the game’s size is 20GB & your HDD space is 50GB. But there’s one thing you must know the 20GB of the game size which is sawed, that’s compressed sized of the game.

When you install the game on your HDD the game’s size will gonna be 4 or 5 times bigger when it’s extracted. So you need to delete your old or you no longer need those games from your PS4 HDD.

Error CE-35694-7
Error CE-35694-7

The Error CE-35694-7 is a very common error code. This error message commonly all of the PS4 users faced. But the error message showing when your PS4 HDD is full or no space is left on your PS4 HDD.

There are some games which are many interesting and addicting games. For example, PUBG, GTA V, Call of Duty, etc. These games need more space for installing in the device and when there’s no space on your PS4 HDD this message PS4 Error CE-35694-7 appears on your screen.

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Method 1: Configure System File

Generally, the error code PS4 Error CE-35694-7 is coming. This is not a big problem. This error is usually shown when misconfigured system files. This problem has come also when your computer has registry problems.

These types of registry problems you can easily solve by using the registry repair tool. There are many registry repair tools, simply download the registry repairing tool and run the software to fix the error code of PS4 Error CE-35694-7.

Method 2: Initialize PS4

Simply CE-35694-7 shown when your PS4 game console, Not Enough Free Space In System Storage. Here are the full details with pictures, follow these steps.

  • Go to setting
  • Go to Initialization
  • Go to Initialize PS4
Initialize PS4
Initialize PS4
  • Now, click on Full
Initialize PS4 Full
Initialize PS4 Full

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FAQs on PS4 Error CE-35694-7

1. Can I solve this problem permanently?

Yes, of course. But you need to buy a big size HDD or SSD for your PS4 Console. For example: 1TB, 2TB etc.

2. How do I Defrag my ps4?

Turn off your PS4 > Hold the power button down and wait for two beeps > Connect your PS4’s DualShock 4 controller to the console using a compatible USB cable > From the Safe Mode menu, choose option five, Rebuild Database.

3. Why does my ps4 say not enough free memory?

The main reason why people get the error CE-35694-7 is due to the fact that there is not enough space to install the game on the hard disk. You need two times more space than the game you are trying to install + a little more because PS4 does not like to work when free is less than 50 GB

4. What is error code CE 35694 7 on PS4?

The Error CE356947 is a shortcode for letting you know that you don’t have enough space on your hard drive for the download and installation of the game. PS4 usually dismiss this scenario after they see that they have more free space that the game requires.

5. When the error code PS4 Error CE-35694-7 appear on the screen?

Generally, it appears on the screen when your HDD space is full. It shows when you’re trying to installing any big size of games and there’s a little bit of space on your PS4 Hard Disk. So you need to replace your HDD with a bigger size than you already have with you PS4.

Still, if there are not solved that problem? You can ask the same question here in this forum PlayStation Forum.

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