PS4 Error CE-35287-5 fixed | Updated Solution

How to fix PS4 Error CE-35287-5? If this error code occurs than there is a problem with the PSN account. Without login to the PSN account, you cannot able to play games on your PS4. So, it’s very important to fix the error CE-35287-5 before play a game on your PS4.

Also, there is no official solution from the PlayStation. I’ll provide here all the possible solutions for this error. This is the very frustrating error on the PS4 because any of the users buy a PS4 but when he/ she tries to log in to the account the PS4 Error CE-35287-5 appears on the screen.

PS4 Error CE-35287-5

This error code is not so hard to solve, just you need to follow the below steps to fix the error. If the error CE-35287-5 appears on the screen you must know there is a problem with your PSN account. This error code blocks you to log in to your PSN account.


Sometimes, the PSN user cannot able to change their PSN account password. Also, there are so many users who enabled auto-login option on their PS4. Due to this reason when they change their password and trying to log in but PSN fills up and tries to login with the old password.

When you attempt so many times with the wrong login details, your PSN account may be temporarily disabled or blocked. I suggest you if you change your password but still can’t login please don’t attempt to login with the wrong details. Due to this reason your account maybe permanently blocked or disabled.

Reasons for PS4 Error CE-35287-5

The error CE-35287-5 occurs when there is a problem with your PSN account. When this error code appears on the screen you cannot able to login your PS4 account and cannot able to play any games on your PS4.

Check the reasons why the error CE-35287-5 occurs:

  • PSN account username and password is wrong.
  • If your PSN account is not verified.
  • Maybe your PSN account is pending for verification.
  • If you signup on PSN but not verified your PSN account.
  • If you forgot your username or password.
  • Maybe the PS4 fillup auto login password.

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Solution for PS4 Error CE-35287-5

To use your PS4 and play any of the game you need to fix the error CE-35287-5. I’ll write here all the possible methods to fix the error and all the possible steps to fix the error. Just you need to apply them on your way.

After fixed this error you can easily login to your PSN account and download a game and play it on your PS4.

Method: 1 Verify Your PSN Account

It’s very important to verify your account before login it on your PS4. Because it is necessary to verify your account before use it.

Steps to verify your PSN account:

Create PSN Account
Create PSN Account
  • Choose your country and choose your date of birth (PSN needs to verify your age).
Fill up details
Fill up details
  • Enter your email id and new password.
  • Enter your location details
Enter location
Enter location
  • Choose your username and enter your first and last name (Real name).
Choose yoru username
Choose yoru username
  • Tick on all the box and click Agree and Create.
Agree & Create
Agree & Create
  • Wow, its done. Click on okay and check your email inbox for verification link.
  • Check your email inbox and click on verify now.
Verify Now
Verify Now
  • Finally, you should see this message after verification your PSN account.

After verifying your account you can now login to this account on your PS4. There are so many PS4 users who create an account on PSN but they never check their email inbox for verification. Without verification, you cannot able to use your PSN account.

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Method 2: Verify Email address

There are so many users who created PSN account but they never check their email inbox. But it needs to verification to complete the account.

It needs to verification through email because there are so many developers who make bots and do such things. When you verify your email address, it means you’re human.

To verify your email address:

  • After created your PSN account, reload your email inbox and open the email which was sent by PlayStation.
  • Click on the Verify Now button. It’ll be redirected to the new tab and confirmed.
Verify Email
Verify Email

Method 3: Reboot the Router

To apply this method first, turn off your PS4. Then follow the below steps:

  • If you use a network cable to connect your console to the internet, unplug it.
  • Go to your router and unplug it.
  • So don’t just turn if off, really unplug the power cable.
  • Wati a minute. Go grab a coffee or something. You’ll need it with all this error crap.
  • After a minute, replug your router.
  • Wait until it’s fully running. This usually takes two to three minutes (just enough time to finish your coffee)
  • If you unplugged the ethernet cable before plug it in again.
  • Finally, turn on your PS4.

Method 4: Clean Install

  • In the PS4’s menu, go to the game you’re trying to play.
  • Then press the options button and choose delete.
  • This will only delete the game and its update files. Your save games are safe:-
  • If this is a disc title, try to clean the disk using a soft cloth. Be careful not to damage it though!
  • Now install the game+its updates again.

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FAQs on PS4 Error CE-35287-5

1. What is the PS4 Error CE-35287-5 means?

It means your PSN account cannot connect to the server.

2. How to fix PS4 Error CE-35287-5?

You need to verify your email address to fix this error.

3. Do I need to verify my email address of the PSN account?

Yes, of course you must need to verify your email address to use your PSN account on your PS4.

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