[Solved] PS4 Error CE-34788-0 Get Solution

This is the very common error code on PS4. This time we fix PS4 Error CE-34788-0. If you’re trying to update your PS4 manually and you downloaded the latest version of system software. And when you’re trying to update your PS4 you face a problem which called CE-34788-0.

PS4 Error CE-34788-0


Don’t worry we are here for you. We solved every error of PS4. If you have to face any error code and you cannot able to fix the error code you can contact us through contacting us page or you can comment down with your error code.

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The error code CE-34788-0 appears on the screen when you’re trying to update your PS4 with the latest version of PS4 system software but the main reason is the software you downloaded was not match with your PS4 requirements.

So, every time if you’re planning to download PS4 system software, you must download from the official site or you can trust us. You can also download from our site.

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Always check once before downloading the file: DOWNLOAD

Remember once, never download and install the system software from third party sites. Otherwise, your PS4 gonna be damaged and you cannot able to recover it.

Only One version is used to update the PS4 with the old firmware version installed on it.

The second version is used by those users who have introduced a new hard disk in PS4, and they need to install the PS4 system software fully. CE-34788-0.

CE-34788-0 PS4 Error Code on PS4 could appear if you downloaded the wrong firmware version for yourself.

You are a user who wants to update his console on the original HDD, use the big blue button at the very top of the page.

If you’re going to install a new version of the firmware on the PS4 console with a replaced hard disk – use the firmware from

The new system software installation section located at the very bottom of the page this firmware will be approximately 900 megabytes. CE-34788-0.

If you still in the need of some help or your problem is still not solve you can comment down with your questions below.

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FAQs on Fix PS4 Error CE-34788-0

1. What does Error Code CE 34788 0 mean?

The error CE-34788-0 means the update file cannot be used. Or the update file is corrupted or wrong file.

2. Will initializing ps4 fix corrupted data?

To fix the internal HDD of your PS4, you first need to take it out carefully. While if you decide to initialize your device (the option is available in Safe Mode), you should know that initialization will restore the system settings to default and delete data saved on the system storage.

3. What causes ps4 safe mode?

The Safe Mode options are designed to help you solve issues by rebuilding the HDD database, changing the resolution of your PS4 or “hard” resetting the system to its factory settings. Some Safe Mode options will result in the loss of data

4. What is a PUP file ps4?

PUP file is a file or patch used to update the PlayStation 4 (PS4) system software. It may include security patches, bug fixes, and extra operating system features. PUP files are typically named PS4UPDAT. PUP

5. Why won’t my PS4 find the update file?

The correct update file can be found on the PS4 System Software page. Ensure the file path is exactly [USB storage] > [PS4] > [UPDATE] the folder names must be in capitals. The file name should be PS4UPDATE.

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