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The error code CE-34335-8 occurs when the PS4 cannot detect the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) which inserted in the PS4. It means there is a problem with the storage device or there may be a problem with the PS4. The PS4 error CE-34335-8 is a very frustrating error code on the PS4. There is no official solution from the PlayStation.

The PS4 user is ready to play a game but when he/ she turns on the PS4 the error “Cannot start the PS4. Cannot access system storage. Press the power button for 1 second (until the system beeps) to turn off the PS4. (CE-34335-8)” appears on the screen.

PS4 Error CE-34335-8


Today I’m here to fix the error CE-34335-8 completely. Today I’m also facing this error when I was at my friend’s house. We make a plan to play Call of Duty but when he turns on his PS4 this error code appears on the screen.

I research the solution of this error code and finally found the solution. And now I’m sharing this with you here. Just you need to follow the below steps to fix the PS4 error CE-34335-8.

Reasons for PS4 Error CE-34335-8

The error CE-34335-8 occurs when there is a problem on the Hard Disk Drive which inserted in the PS4. But sometimes there are some different issues occurs this error.

Check the reasons for CE-34335-8:

  • If the Hard Disk Drive is corrupted.
  • Maybe the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is damaged.
  • The power supply wire may be damaged and the HDD is not receiving power.
  • Maybe the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is faulty due to suddenly turned off the PS4.

Solutions for PS4 Error CE-34335-8

Here I’m writing all the possible solutions with step by step to fix the error CE-34335-8. This error can be easily fixed with some steps. This is not a very big issues which appears on the PS4. Because there are so many errors on the PS4.

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Method 1: Check HDD on PS4

You can check the HDD on the PS4 just removing and re-insert it properly if there is any connection is lose.

  • First, turn off the PS4 completely and unplug the power cable then remove the top cover of the PS4.
  • Check the connection of the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) if there is any loose connection by removing it from the console and re-inserted.

This method is very simple but sometimes this method also works to fix the error CE-34335-8. If you’re still face the same error after apply this steps try another method.

Method 2: Connect PS4 HDD to PC

If the PS4 cannot able to recognize the HDD, you must try to connect the HDD with a PC to fix if the HDD’s conditions is good or not. If the PC will recognize the HDD it means the conditions is good.

You need to fix the HDD’s problem with HDD repairing tools by connecting it with a PC. Because you can easily download and install the diagnostic and repairing tool on the PC. With that repairing and diagnostic tools, you can repair the HDD. There are two methods to connect the HDD with a PC, internal and external. I’ll tell you both methods of how to do it?

Method 1: Connect the HDD Internally

To use this method you need a PC to connect the PS4 HDD internally. First, you need to find SATA port on the motherboard to connect the PS4 HDD. Also you need a SATA data cable to complete this action.

  • First, turns off the PC completely and remove the power cord. Also, remove the VGA cable because sometimes it’ll flashing the earthing current.
  • Now, find the SATA data and power cable then connect the PS4 HDD with it. If you don’t know how to connect it, just see how the previous HDD is connected with the PC.

Method 2: Connect the HDD Externally

If you don’t have a PC but you have a laptop you can also connect the PS4 HDD with it. But you need an extra HDD case to connect with a laptop. Because the HDD size is bigger than the laptop’s HDD. If you don’t have the external HDD case you can easily buy it from the market.

  • Make sure the two connections on the USB bridge of the external enclosure are duly fixed/ crammed inside the corresponding ports.
  • Screwed the external case properly.
  • Now you can connect it with a USB to a laptop.

After you connect the HDD with a PC or laptop there maybe the HDD is recognized or not. What does your next step if the HDD is not recognized by the PC or laptop? or What if the HDD is recognized by the PC or laptop?

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What if the HDD is not recognized by the PC or Laptop?

If the PC or laptop also cannot able to detect or recognize the HDD, it means the PS4 Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is damaged or corrupted. In this situation there is only one option you need just replace the HDD with a new one.

HDD is recognized
  • Go to these steps > [Administrative Tools] > [Computer Management] > [Disk Management] Windows and check whether it has been recognized or not.

After complete these above step, if you’re see there the PS4 HDD there maybe a chance to fix it. Now you can try to copy paste some items in it to fix the HDD is working properly or not. If the item is successfully copied in it you can remove the HDD and again insert it in your PS4. If the item is not copied you need to delete the HDD and reassign it a new drive then format the drive. After successfully formatted the drive you can use it easily.

What if the HDD is recognized by the PC or Laptop?

If the PC or laptop recognizes or detects the HDD, it means the HDD is good but there may be some software problem on the HDD. You can fix it from using HDD repairing or diagnostic tools. There is some bad sector on the drive that needs to be fixed with override. You can easily resolve that by using the Chkdsk tool in Windows OS.

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After Fixing PS4 HDD

When you’ve the fixed PS4 hard drive on PC, you have to connect it back to your console. Now, you’ll not see the error CE-34335-8.

Now, you need to get a total backup operation on your PS4 HDD. To do it > [System] > [Back Up and Restore] > [Back Up PS4]. You need a external HDD to save the backed-up data.

FAQs on PS4 Error CE-34335-8

1. How do I fix error code CE 34335 8?

Just you need to follow the above steps to fix the error CE-34335-8.

2. How do you fix a corrupted PS4 hard drive?

You need to connect the corrupted PS4 HDD with a PC or laptop to fix it.

3. What is the error code CE-34335-8 means?

This error code means there is a problem with the PS4 Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

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