PS4 Error CE-33986-9 Fixed | PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi

There are many PS4 users in the world who face the error code CE-33986-9 and I’m also one of them. I’m a crazy lover of PS4 gaming console. Without the internet, the world gonna be a bind. And these days many people love to play online games.

PS4 console is very popular in the world. But sometimes when we want to play the game and there comes a problem.

PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi


One day I went to my friend’s home and I want to play the game on PS4 but there comes a problem PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi. I’m trying to solve this problem but I can’t. Then I research everywhere and I found a solution to this problem error CE-33986-9. There are many PS4 users facing this problem and this problem also called CE-33986-9.

Finally, I found the solution and here I’m going to share the trick that how to solve PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi. After very much hardworking we’re able to buy $200 of a PS4 gaming console. But sometimes there is a problem when we’re going to play and want to fresh our mood.

Read this post carefully and I hope you’ll be able to fix the problem PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi or PS4 cannot connect to wifi network within the time limit.

There are 2 major methods to solve the problem.

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Method 1: Endless Proxy Loop

For clearly solve this problem follow step by step below instruction:

  • Go to the Settings menu of the PS4 Console.
  • Choose Network.
PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi
  • After you select Network you need to choose Set Up Internet Connection.
PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi-Set up internet connection
  • There is a question on the head How do you want to connect to the network? and you should choose to use Wi-Fi because the PS4 cannot able to connect to the WiFi network.
PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi-Use Wi-Fi
  • Now, there are two options Easy and Custom, you should choose Custom and you have to select the WiFi name that is yours. Which you know the SSID name and password.
  • After selecting the SSID to enter the WiFi password, if you’ve connected previously with that SSID network you don’t need to enter the password.
  • After successfully entering the WiFi password, you need to choose Automatic in the IP Address Setting.
  • Now, you might not use the DHCP Host Name just you need to choose Manual in the DNS settings that you see in the option.
  • In the DNS Settings, you need to enter Google’s Public DNS as below follow I typed.

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Primary DNS: 

Secondary DNS:

  • Here is many people got confused and can’t able to fix this problem. So, please don’t click on the Next button just choose Automatic in the MTU Settings and don’t enter there any Proxy Servers.
  • Now, this is the step to test the internet connection. So, click on Test Internet Connection.
  • Finally, we’re done but sometimes the above DNS doesn’t work. At that time just replace the DNS with this DNS Servers:

Primary DNS: 

Secondary DNS:

Method 2: Use A LAN Cable

Use a LAN Cable is the best alternative for WiFi. If WiFi cannot able to solve the problem you must use LAN Cable to solve the problem. LAN cable is more reliable and faster than WiFi. Because when you’re using LAN Cable there is no loss and the download speed is increased. If there is a possibility to use LAN cable I recommend you use the LAN cable. But WiFi is easy to use so we just need to solve to problem of PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi. When you use the LAN Cable to playing or downloading the PS4 Games the speed is going to increase.

Restart the Router

Restart the Router

Now, I remember a film dialogue “90% problem is solved when we restart (reboot) the electronic device” it means you just need to restart the router. Sometimes we’re going more crazy and lazy. We never want to lose the connection even 1 second with the internet. But we don’t know everything needs rest. So, if we’re not rebooting the router for a long time the router gonna be hang and the error PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi is appeared on the screen. So, take some rest of the router you’re using.

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FAQs on PS4 Error CE-33986-9

1. Why won’t my ps4 connect to my wifi?

If your Wi-Fi signal is weak your PS4 won’t connect to the Wi-Fi.

2. What is the PS4 Error CE-33986-9 mean?

The error code CE-33986-9 mean there is a problem with your Internet connection or problem with your Wi-Fi.

3. Wi-Fi or Ethernet is better for Internet Connection?

In my suggestion Ethernet is better than Wi-Fi, because on an Ethernet connection there is less loss percentage on than Wi-Fi.

Still, the Problem PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi is not solved??

If the error PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi or CE-33986-9 still not solved. There may be a PS4 hardware problem. So, you need to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Because maybe there are the router’s fault or the router is not working properly. Also, you must join the PlayStation Forum.

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