PS4 Error CE-30022-7 Fixed [Working Method]

PS4 Error Ce-30022-7 occurs when there is a problem with your external storage device. It means your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has a problem or there might be a problem with your PS4 console. This post will be helpful for you to fix the error CE-300227.


Sometimes the PS4 has a problem and the error code also appears on the screen. When you face the error on your PS4 don’t think there is always a problem on the HDD, there might be a problem with your PS4 console.

Before format the external HDD carefully read this post and confirm what is the exact problem. There might be the problem with external storage device or maybe there is a problem with the PS4 console.

PS4 Error CE-30022-7

PS4 Error CE-30022-7
PS4 Error CE-30022-7

PlayStation console is the best gaming console in the world but everything has a bug, it means nothing is completely perfect, that’s why PlayStation console also has some errors on it. But we’re here for you to fix every error of PS4.

If you’re facing a error on your PS4 please send the error code on your contact us page or write down in the comment section. The error CE-30022-7 is very common error on PS4, this is not a so big problem you can easily fix this error but first you need verify where is the problem on the external HDD or on the PS4 console.

Reasons of PS4 Error CE-30022-7

Before to do solve any of the problems you need to verify where is the problem after then you can fix it. Otherwise, you’ll never fix the problem. To fix the error CE-30022-7 you need to know all the reasons and after then you can easily solve it. We’ll write below all the possible reasons for the error.

  • The HDD is used before on the other device.
  • The PS4 console firmware software is not updated with the latest version.
  • PS4 console is not rebooted for a long time.
  • The HDD is not compatible with the PS4.

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Solutions for PS4 Error CE-30022-7

Every problem has a way to find a solution. So, we’re here to fix every error of PlayStation console. The error CE-30022-7 has also can be fixed with using these below methods.

Sometimes you need to format the HDD before use on your PS4 console. But you can’t format the HDD easily using your PS4. So, we’ll write also here how to format external HDD easily, after then the HDD can be used on PS4 easily and you can store your files, application and other files.

Method 1: Force to Restart PS4 Console

Force to Restart PS4 Console
Force to Restart PS4 Console

I recommend every PS4 users to apply this method to fix the error CE-30022-7 before do anything. Because 50% problems are fixed when you reboot your PS4. If you can’t reboot your PS4 normally you need to restart your PS4 console forcefully.

  • Press the Power button and hold it down for around 7 seconds.
  • The console will beep twice and shut down.
  • Leave the system off for a while and then power it back on.
  • Now, check if the error is solved or not. If you still face the error try the next method.

Method 2: Check the HDD Compatibility

Check the HDD Compatibility
Check the HDD Compatibility

Every HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is not supports on PS4 console. So, you need to check the specification of the HDD or you need to know before buy a HDD for your PS4 console.

If the HDD is full or it has insufficient storage space the error code CE-30022-7 also appears on the screen.

Check the compatibility:

Drive PropertyRequirement for PS4
Type of USB interfaceUSB 3.0 or newer
EncryptionNo encryption on storage
Drive formatexFAT
PS4 system software4.50 or newer
Storage capacity250 GB to 8TB
Number of partitions1

This is the main reason before buy a external storage for your PS4. If you already buy a HDD and its not matching with these above requirements the HDD is useless and you can’t use it on your PS4 console. In this situation you can exchange the HDD with the seller or you can buy a new one with matching the above features.

If the HDD’s features is different you need to replace the HDD, you cannot repair the HDD to match on PS4.

Method 3: Manually Update PS4 Firmware

Manually Update PS4 Firmware
Manually Update PS4 Firmware

If the PS4 firmware is outdated or Sony release a new version of PS4 firmware software you can face the error CE-30022-7.

There are some PS4 console who doesn’t get a notification for update the firmware. In this situation you need to download the firmware and manually update the PS4 firmware from your side. If you don’t know how to download firmware click here.

Method 4: Check the HDD on a Computer

Check the HDD on a Computer
Check the HDD on a Computer

If you successfully update your PS4 console firmware with the latest version try to check if the error is fixed or not. If still you’re facing the same problem you need to test the HDD on a computer.

Sometimes when you’ll connect the HDD on a computer and open it successfully then insert it on the PS4 and sometimes the error is fixed.

To test on a computer:

  • Connect the USB drive.
  • Open This PC.
  • Your connected storage device should show up under the Devices and drives section.
  • Double-click on it to open it.
  • Copy a file onto your device.
  • Disconnect the device.
  • Re-connect it and check if the moved file is corrupted/damaged.

Method 5: Initialize PS4

Initialize PS4
Initialize PS4

The final way to fix the error CE-30022-7 is initialization PS4. If this method will not work on your PS4 you need to contact the PlayStation customer or buy a new HDD which compatible with PS4.

  • Press and hold the [PlayStation button] on your controller. Connect the external USB device to your console.
  • Click on [Notifications] and select the connected device from the list.
  • Select the [Format as Extended Storage] button at the bottom of the page and hit [Next].
  • Click on [Format] (click on Yes to authorize the formatting and wait for it to finish).
  • Click on the [OK] button to finish the process.

How to Format External HDD for PS4 as Extended Storage

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FAQs on PS4 Error CE-30022-7

1. How do I fix my PS4 Error Code CE 30022 7?

Buy a HDD which compatible with PS4.

2. How do I fix my PS4 hard drive error?

Try to reinstall the HDD on PS4.

3. Can you use external hard drive with PS5?

No, you can’t able to store PS5 games on external drive.

4. What does Initialize PS4 mean?

Initialize PS4 mean, restores the settings of PS4 to the default settings.

5. How do you fix a PlayStation 4 update error?

If you’re regularly getting the PS4 update error, try to rebuilding database.

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