PS4 CE-30005-8 Fixed | Get Solution

The error code CE-30005-8 appears when the PS4 console has trouble reading data from Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or DVD/ Blu-ray drive.

PS4 Error CE-30005-8


The error code CE-30005-8 is a very common issue on the PS4 console. But when this error code appears on the screen you cannot able to use it properly as you wish.

We’re working as well as solve all the problems of the PS4 errors. So, today we’re going to solve and 100% fixed the PS4 CE-3000-8.

The Sony company designed the world’s best gaming console but it didn’t provide any error code solution. The PS7DNS is the best and 99% error solving site on the internet of PS4 (PlayStation 4) error code.

To solve the error CE-30005-8 you must follow all the steps below step by step. If you’ll fail to follow any step your problem cannot be solved.

Reasons for PS4 CE-30005-8

  • First of all, check there is Blu-ray Disc is in good condition.
  • Removed the disc from the DVD writer and look there the disk is not scratched or dirty.
  • Check once the DVD writer is good if the DVD writer is damaged the error can be shown.
  • Try to insert Blu-ray discs such as a movie or other games.
  • The software or movies can be played well, try to fast forward if there is any problem the disc is damaged.
  • The game you want to play on your PS4 console, the software must be downloaded completely.
  • If you’re trying to play a downloaded game, the game doesn’t use a DVD writer, so if there’s a problem playing the game there is Hard Disk Problem (HDD).

Now, try to follow below methods to fix the error PS4 CE-30005-8

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Method 1: Rebuilding Database & Restore


If you’re going to try method 1, you must follow all the steps carefully. Because if you’ll fail to follow any steps you might be loose your PS4 data. Now, check the steps below:

  • Backup your all saved data at a safe location.
  • Now, turn off the PS4 (don’t use restart or reboot, use shutdown or turn off), and then after completely turned off the PS4 turn on the PS4 (touch the power button about 7 seconds).
  • Now, you’ll hear a beep sound, and PS4 will be a start-up in “Safe Mode”. Read How to Start PS4 in Safe Mode.
  • Then “Rebuild Database”. Read How to Rebuild Database.
  • After rebuilding the database successfully, start the PS4 normally and restore the saved database that was backed up.
  • Try to play the game which showed the error CE-30005-8

After trying this method still, you’ve got the same problem? Try to follow method 2.

Method 2: Hard Disc is Damaged or Broken

If the HDD which is used in the PS4 is damaged the error CE-30005-8 also appears on the screen. If you must know the HDD is damaged or broken try this method only. Because if the HDD is not damaged or broken your time and money will gonna be wastage.

  • Try to download a small size and suitable game for the PS4.
  • Then the game starts and playing without any problems the HDD might be damaged.
  • Now, you must replace the HDD and try once.

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Method 3: Contact Customer Support

Still, if you’re facing the same problem, you must contact the PlayStation Customer Support and give them all instructions you’ve already tried to fix the error CE-30005-8.



  • Try to upgrade the PS4 software with the latest version. Click here to know how to update the PS4 with the latest version.
  • If you’re going to the replacement or upgrading HDD, try to buy the fastest and good HDD (Fresh HDD not Refurbished).
  • Try to use always there is a UPS or Inverter and Stoplizer for the PS4.
  • The Stoplizer always maintains the power-consuming and maintain PS4 health.
  • Shutdown the PS4 properly and after switch off the power button.
  • Always put out the power jack from the power socket of that PS4.
  • Sometimes lightening (thundered) is coming and it damaged the PS4 or its any other parts, like Motherboard, HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

After all these methods are you tried and not fixed the PS4 Error Code CE-30005-8 you must contact the PlayStation customer support and contact there from where you buy the PS4.

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FAQs on PS4 CE-30005-8

1. What does code CE 30005 8 mean on ps4?

Your console is having problems while reading data from the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Blu-ray/ DVD.

2. What does Cannot start the application CE-30005-8 mean?

If Error CE300058 appears when trying to launch your game from an external hard drive, or even during the gameplay, it means it’s failing to function properly and you have to repair it. Your DVD player or the disc was damaged.

3. How do I fix error CE-30005-8 on ps4?

Needs to replace a DVD writer or if there is an HDD problem you need to replace the Hard Disk Drive of the PS4 console.

If you got any other solution to feel free to leave it down in the comment section. Till then happy gaming.

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